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Raina's Road to Clear Skin *NEW PICS!!! 6/30*

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I am back from camp!

I have some really weird experiences with my face to tell you all about...tomorrow.

Not to mention a picture update!

Thank God for the past two weeks.

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DAY 110

Wow, it's crazy that it has been that long.

Here is my camp horror story...DUN DUN DUN

I was sitting at a picnic table playing cards with a friend, and the side of my eyebrow started to burn. I thought I maybe had a bug bite, so I went in and asked my friend Emily if she saw one. She said she didn't see anything, but to put some cold water on my face to try and cool it off. I did what she said, and then as I was walking out of our cabin, my entire face started to burn from the inside that was so unbearably painful, I burst into tears. I ran into the cook shack and told someone what was happening, and they started putting ice on my face. For literally an hour my face was burning so intensely that the second the ice came off, it felt like my face was melting. After that hour past, it started feeling better (probably because I took 4 advil and 2 benadryl) and it hasn't happened since then. We are pretty sure it was because I was in the sun for a whole week, and it caught up with my skin. But let me tell you, it was one of the scariest moments of my life.

HERE ARE NEW PICTURES! I can't believe how much better my face looks!

Left Side

Right Side

Full Face


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To anyone who is interested/anyone who cares, Zack is now officially my "boyfriend". We don't really like that word, so we are each other's "beloved". It's kind of one of those things where everything has fit together so well that we know God has something amazing in store for the two of us. I won't try to explain any further, but just thought I would update.

I have about 6 puss producing pimples on my face. I didn't have any, and then BAM I had 6. I hope they go away within the next couple of days...they are a pain in the butt.

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My dermatologist said that as long as my face doesn't attack me between now and August 6th, I will just finish up the pills I have, and then I will be done with Accutane! YAY!

I accidentally left my accutane at home for 2 days when I was gone, so I missed five pills. I have a pimple on my chin, but that's it. I hope I can get off it soon.

Then, all I will have left is my braces to get off and WHAM! I am a brand new woman. haha

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Judging your day 53 pic, your face is allot better just lots of new pimples it looks, with no red marks. Then i see your day 110, to me it looks way better with a few big pimples, doesnt look like cysts. Why is your face so red? I really think you will be cured of acne after this treatment! good luck

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just wanted to say that iv really enjoyed reading your blog...its really encouraging to me. Im nearly a month through and still getting major breakouts so its good to know that people ahve been through that as well and it clears up..good luck for you last week!must feel great having clear skin:)

*Whenever god wants to send you a gift he wraps it up in a problem

this always helps me through lifes little problems and helps me to know god has it undercontrol and theres light at the end of the tunnel

rach xx

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Hey I read your log and it was a nice read too :) Your skin has really improved and you are very pretty :)

I'm going on accutane in bit less than a month and I can't wait!!! Keep us updated!

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Ive read your entire log (yes, I have no life:P). Your skin looks great, and so does you hair, btw:))) You're going to look so great with your braces off and your clear skin:)

Just wondering, did you skin dry out right away on tane? I'm on day 7 and my skin is super oily:(

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chicky, Accutane sometimes pushes all the junk out of your skin originally, including oil clogged up in the pores. It usually clears away pretty quickly.

Raina, how are things going?

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Ya that is what accutane is suppose to do. My doctor said that pimples will sprout out and then it will get better. She said that the 3rd and 4th month are the hardest months to deal with under accutane. I want to know why exactly. Is it because of the dosage? I am currently on 60mg dosage and she will increase it this month.

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Sorry I haven't updated in so long. Summer has brought on many distractions.

My face is completely clear!!!! This is my last month of Accutane, and I should be done October 1st!

I will have pictures as soon as I can get my camera some batteries.

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Wow, talk about a leave of absence...

Anyways, I'm still completely acne free.

I've been off Accutane for about a month now, and it feels great!

Atleast 5 people a week tell me how good my skin looks, which feels great as well.

My life is super hectic with the job I have at a local arcade and school, so sorry I haven't updated in a very long while (not that anyone noticed). Next time I remember to get on the computer, I will upload my AFTER pictures.

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