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Ok i started having acne since i was 14, the odd pimple never bothered me much until i got older to learn that all the odd pimples i have had, left behind red marks on m face they look like stretch marks. The red marks dont seem to be fading.

At the age of 16 now i had a few breakouts i cannot say my acne is as bad as others but the red marks left behind every pimple i have had are equal to any zit. The first time i went to my GP about acne she prescribed me Duac gel ( 5% benzoyl peroxide and 1% clindamycin) this worked great on pimples i had but this was really to get rid of pimples and not to stop them popping up overall. After 4 months of using Duac and oxywash i realised that im just getting new pimple areas meaning more red marks these really annoy me.

Second visit to the GP basically prescribed me Minimomycin as i had nodular like acne starting to come up yet as i said my acne isnt bad its the red marks left behind. If minomycin fails i will be put onto roaccutane as the alst major resort to stop pimples popping up and causing more scars.

The antibiotics dont seem to be working ive been using it for a month and im still getting pimples.

Now if i were to be put on roaccutane will it clear up the red marks left behind from previous pimples. I have also heard that in the first week of roaccutane your acne becomes worse. That seems to worry me as more pimples just meen more red marks that wont fade.

So does roaccutane make my skin shed everything off and just be normal again.

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I experienced same hormonal changes at your age. Just like any others, however, mine didnt stop like any others - mine just continued to spire into a deep black vortex. 21 now - 6 yrs of battle mate.

Have you followed the regime of healthy dieting? That could give a helping hand. Hormonals changes/hormonal acne is something that is so hard to battle since it comes from the 'inside'! Your hormones are raging right now and thats why a healthy dieting would help the imbalance that is currently ongoing in your body. Also 2x face wash a day and when it gets a bit too oily just splash your face with water and dont scrub the water off - just gently patch with a clean - preferably a NEW towel everytime. Change your bedsheets 3x a week - or at least your pillowcasing. Ive even gone to the extent that when i fall asleep my face wont touch the pillow when im on the side...i put my hand on my skull and therefore is leviated from the pillow. Become a habit now ...I cant say that helps, but it gives me more 'comfort'.

Roaccutane is really your last solution you want to make. Have you tried antibiotics? Tetracycline? Thats to fight inflammation.

Oh and scarring only happens when you absolutely abuse your pimple. Ive never had scars even tho for a period of time I kept popping them. Stop when you see 'blood' and dont keep picking at it when it has dried up - let the skin heal underneath it. Best of yet, even tho you have a massiiiive whitehead filled with protein, whitebloodcells, pus w/e a whitehead/yellowhead contains, dont pop it. Just keep washing your face like always. At one time itll either just 'go away' with the washing or itll become much smaller or sometimes dried out. Wont leave you any scarring besides pigmentation scarring thatll fade away after 8-12 weeks --- fuk loads of time if you think about it....Thats the problem Im facing. The melanin in my dna gives me dark pigmentation scars vs. red for caucasians.

Hope this helps.

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Yeh i am on tetracyine now they arnt doing much umm i should have mentioned my skin is sensitive and scars easily i never and woudnt dare touch a pimple i did once and i have a horribe scar but i learnt that my skin is jweak. yeh i use faceash it makes me all shiny lol but i just know that slowly my face will be filled with red scars.

yes i eat very healthy i stopped dairy ad i believe it is unfit fr human consumption as it imbalances hormones. i eat not fatty foods i tuna is my best friend and im verys trong to junk food i havnt had chocolate or lollies in a year although my acne is horrible u can tell where ive had acne from the weird red marks. im a fit kid used to goto the gym but stopped the gym just imbalances hormones making acne ever worse.

tetracyline dusnt seem to be wroking im just wonderin if roaccutane will get rid of all the red stuff.

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