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So with scarring+ what do you do?

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Hello, hello. This is my first post, and I just want to share my, well, FRUSTRATION.

I read a lot of stuff, and it seemed that all the stuff dermatologists say sound the same, so I didn't go to one till I was desperate. He said the final route is looking to be "ACCUTANE".

My acne isn't all over my face, but scarring is my problem. WHY THE HECK DO THEY SCAR?

Some of the kids I tutor/teach have made comments like "polka-dotted" or yellow fever (I laughed because they are just young and don't have it).

I have this scarring acne especially around my cheeks now invading my chin area. It looks that my face is more oily these days, and when I used benz.peroxide, my skin goes way too dry I end up using others to recover.

I'm 21 and school keeps me busy enough, and I really really don't want to commit myself to taking accutane right now. I guess acne doesn't horrible bother me, but it definately brings me down at times, especially in the morning I have to cover up.

SO WHAT do you do to.........keep them down from scarring?

How do you go about your acne everyday? Cuz Some have made comments like polka-dotted...

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Kids dont understand the problem. Its a common problem for kids hat just hit puberty or below who doesnt know the consequences of the psychological damage you can give to the victim/targetted person. That usually wears out when we grow older - My mates dont laugh about mine because they know how much it sucks to have it. One girl tried it and she got dealt with verbally, because it's kindergarten bullying to bring up spots. People cant 'control' this problem

Anyway to your answer. Ive never experienced scarring. Like I wrote in another thread when I pop them, which I dont do anymore, because it spreads bacteria EVEN when you do it with rubbergloves or paper towel, I dont squeeze the blood out. I just squeeze the pus out until I can glimse the blood and then I stop. The blood hardens and the skin starts to 'pull' itself together. Or - that may take longer. Sometimes a spot may even reappear even when you pushed it out - thats why I dont do it anymore. That prevents scarrings. I just think its different from people to people. Dont touch your acne unless youre washing your face. Dont play around with the acne even if youve popped it as you may re-open it and that can cause scarring.

When it was at its worst...I stayed in. Usually stayed in until it was dark enough to go outside and people wouldnt be able to see me from a mile away.

Im 21 as well...I can only pray that my hormones and everything else that causes it will 'calm' down and I can get it under control. The day I get a clear face for a longer period than a month Ill pop a big champagne! Thats how I feel to do it!

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