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whitehead on testicle popped inward???

recently ive had a whitehead looking thing on my testicle, which ive had before and id just pop them and itd be gone instantly. but this time the thing was impossible to pop, and finally when i did pop it, it popped inside of my testicle?? like, the pus stuff went into my testicle. it popped inward, is what im tyring to say i think.

is this bad? im a little bit freaked out. ive been feeling a little weird since this has happened.

has anyone else ever had anything like this happened to them before? or have heard anything about such a thing? i cant find anything online and i REALLY dont want to go to a doctor with this sort of question.


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Never had or even heard of this but, dude, I feel your pain. :shock:

Seriously tho, you should go see your doc - Anything to do with down there is a bit embarassing for the person attending, but doctors and health pros generally are specifically trained for this sort of thing - and they see a multitude of people with similar probs every year and are well, pretty much as not-shocked by genitalia as you could hope for.

Getting the odd whitehead down there is probably not such a big deal - but I wouldn't pop them. If it's "popped inwards" like that tho?- it might be as well just to run it past the doc to just to rule out the possibility that it could cause bigger - and way more embarassing - probs later.

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floats, thanks. and youre right. i know.

but ive been dealing with docs for the past couple of years like you wouldnt beleive (serious illness) and id rather not go through that whole thing again right now if i didnt have to.

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I've gotten maybe two little pimple type things down there they were both on my shaft though when I poped them they didn't pop inward. If it does hurt and heals up in a day or two don't worry about it.

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