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Whew...felt good to say that. I had surgery on my face 2 weeks ago and since I got my cast off my nose I am in blackhead city. I must say that the Biore Warming Blackhead Scrub is working a little but man, this blows. I apologize for ever thinking blackheads were no big deal compared to the mammoth sized cysts I use to deal with. It's like, you think you got the blackhead out but noooooooooooo it's in just a little deeper than you can squeeze, dig, prick or pick out.

I hope they go away. :(:(

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same problem man i can't even squeeze them out,

now ontop of this problem i've got little ones on my cheeks

i say we both just let time take it's course and of course be good with the diet

i had this one big one on my nose i couldnt squeeze out, so i poked it with a big ass needle lol, then it scabbed up and now i have a big black circle around it however i think the original blackhead is gone lol.

some days they annoy me really bad i get physical with them one day im gonna rip my cheek of i don't mess about.

sorry to hijack your friend with my stories anyways if the blackhead scrub is working a bit stick with that, maybe try the strips and as roy munson says mandelic acid is meant to be working for a few users but havent tried myself.

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I hate them too! But they are better than pimples, right? :D

The biore strips don't work for me for some reason - they work for everyone else I know. It's like my pores are immune to them.

I've noticed that they go away spontaneously, but I don't know what causes them to go away (and come back).

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Hey guys, I don’t know if you have tried these things already but they work for me with my blackheads.


Clearasil Ultra Deep pore cleansing pads

I use them just before bed. I gently wipe one over my nose (that’s the only place I have blackheads) for about a minute. Try to avoid the creases of your nose because its very drying and can make your skin peal in those creases. After it’s dried I add a little moisturiser.

I don’t use it in the morning because it can make your skin shiny.


20% Azelaic Acid has works wonders for my blackheads and large pores. I use the cream version called Skinoren. (I know that there is also a gel version in America called Finacea).

The first night I used it I saw a massive improvement in the morning.

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Yeah blackheads are no fun to have! I have had blackheads on my nose for over a year. I have over a hundred of them. The clenia makes them lighter but I still have them. Prescriptives Virtual Matte Foundation with SPF 15 really covers them up well though

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