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I'm a first time user/poster...hope I'm doing this right!

My story in a nutshell:

I started getting acne around 12 yrs old. Very moderate, but enough to make me self conscious around my clear-skinned friends. Around the age of 14, my mom brought me to a dermatologist who started me on Doxycycline and a topical cream (I forget the name). The cream made me itch and burn so I'm guessing it had benzoyl peroxide(maybe). He then switched me off to Differin, which did not make me red/itch/burn. I was on that prescription for 2 years and it worked wonderfully. I had no breakouts, my mild acne scars disappeared. My peers constantly complimented me on my skin! Ah, the good ol days. Then my Dr. started weaning me off the prescriptions...I went from 2x a day to 1x a day. Still worked. Finally, he took me off Doxycycline all together. For awhile I was okay....but 6 months later, the breakouts returned.

Ever since then (about 16 years old) I have been going back to dermatologists...and they have willingly put me back on Doxycycline, and it would work, but then they would take me off the medicine and then my acne would return.

In the last 2 years, my acne has worsened....I get them especially around my right jawline...and the rest smattered around the lower part of my face. It's wouldn't call it severe but it's enough where I cannot leave the house without makeup. The right jawline is especially ugly, I will breakout, the acne will heal, then another cluster will pop right up....it's an ugly cycle. I'll get maybe 3-5 cystic acne each week. It's so embarassing......the last straw was when my boyfriend asked me about a month ago, "What happened to your face?" when he saw my right jawline...and I was wearing makeup! :(:(:( He wasn't trying to be mean, it was more out of concern...but I wanted to rip my face off right there :(.

The last prescription I had was about a year ago: Doxycycline, Retin-A, Clindamycin and a benzoyl peroxide 10% wash (I stopped the BP wash after 2 trials because I was getting itchy and red again). And this dermatologist didn't even bother waiting to see my progress...he just told me, go on the meds for 3 months, then we'll take you off the medicine (don't they say it takes a few months just to see the effects of the medicine??). Ugh!

The interesting part is that none of these doctors every told me to expect itching/redness/flaking with the BP...and when I complained (like the first time), they switched me off to something else. Then I come to Acne.org and Dan says that the irritation is expected.............

SO! I decided that I'm sick and tired of being on prescriptions, I need to find something that will keep my skin clear without having to pop pills. I'm hoping Dan's regimen will work for me *sigh*

I started day 1 last night...will leave that for the next entry. I'll try to take pics, need to buy new re-chargable batteries for my camera :)

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Day 1

So I received the BP gel in the mail yesterday. I was super excited to get this regimen started. This is what I currently use:

Facewash: Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash

2.5 benzoyl peroxide: Acne.org Treatment Gel

Moisturizer: Sothys Active Creme + jojoba oil

First day and I've already made a mistake. After watching Dan's videos 3x last night, out of eagerness to start the regiment I slathered 1/2 a finger's length of the BP on my problem areas - lower half of my face. I didn't read the part about starting with less. I'm paying the consequences. My face started itching last night. I woke up red and after my shower, I looked like I'd got a sunburn on the areas that I applied the gel on. It's itching like hell too. It's taking so much willpower not to scratch. I splashed cold water on my face and that seemed to help. I tried moisturizing with Aloe Gel instead, but it burned my face more so I went back to my moisturizer+jojoba oil. Slight itching, but bearable.

I don't know if I should lay of the BP tonight since I put on way too much last night.............

I really need to get those batteries for my camera.

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Day 2

I didn't put on the BP gel on this night. I decided to let my face rest from the overload of BP that I put on Day 1. I think my skin is thanking me because the itchiness/redness has reduced. One in awhile I'll get a surge of itchiness...and to cope I rub one section very lightly. I know I'm not supposed to touch/scratch but it's so damn itchy sometimes! Splashing my face with cold water and using my moisturizer + jojoba oil has def. helped. Tried the aloe again, def. doesn't work on my face.

BUT on a positive note, when I woke after Day 1, I could tell that all my acne that were bigger were flat and dried out. I didn't put BP gel on for Day 2, but I put a small dab on a zit on the side of my forehead and the damn thing dried out and came off in 6 hours. Wheee...for now. I'm just dreading a sudden attack of pimples any day now.

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I'm back! It's been a month. Man, time went by.

Here's the update:

My skin is much clearer now. In fact, as I write, I have NO active acne on my face. I had to change the regimen up a little, though. I've only been using the BP @ night time. And when washing/cleaning my face, I run a facetowel through hot water, squeeze the water out and let it sit n my face until all the heat it gone. It lightly steams my face and softens the dry/dead skin (an issue I had w/ using BP). I then go around my face w/ the facecloth extremely lightly, to slough of the skin. Don't want to irritate the skin. After the BP, I wait 15 minutes then moisturize w/ Jojoba Oil. Then I zzzz.

So far, that regimen has worked the best for me. My skin hated the BP at first (red,itchy) but I stayed consistent and I don't have those side effects any longer. Between my last post and today's, I have broken out but nothing that didn't go away in a few days. Sometimes if something popped up, I'd do the regimen but put on BP on the spot in the AM. In 1 day that sucker would be 75% flatter.

Good luck, everyone else! If any other drastic changes occur, I will make a new post....and when the day comes that I can walk out w/ no makeup, I will post photos.

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