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ok this may sound cruel, and in no way am i superficial or judge people on their looks, but it works. if im having a shit day at work, feeling ugly and like everyone i serve is staring at me in disgust, i just focus on their imperfections. if you look at how different everyone is, you can see what they'd be self concious of thats different on their body to everyone elses.

for example, one customer may have big ears so i look at him and think he must be insecure about them, and the next customer might have bad teeth nd not smile much so id think to myself, shes not smiling much because her teeth are wonky and shes shy about it.

it may sound really horrible and cruel to do that but it will sure make you feel better. it just makes you see that anyone can be insecure about different things when you think about it. and it shows how insignificnt imperfections are when looking at someone as a whole, they fade into the background when you look at the person as a whole person, not just at the blemishes (eg acne)

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I will admit to doing the same thing lol its more of a jealous/envious thing - how dare people have it better/easier than I :P

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I did this before with out knowing it, I think it's our ego just trying to protect it self.

I've stopped though because it puts you in a negative state of mind and frankly is childish and plain stupid. Negativity is never good..

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