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Good Surgeons for scar excisions in Toronto, Ontario?

Hey everyone! I'm new here. I need to find a good surgeon in Toronto that can do a few scar excisions on my nose...I'm really concerned that if I don't get the right surgeon it might mess up my nose and I'll have to fork out more cash for a nose job. I have been in contact with a Dr. Andres Gantous and I'm seriously considering him...the only thing holding me back is the $175 consultation fee, but he said that the scar excision costs $250 for one and less for any additional scars being excised at the same time.

Does anyone know if he is any good? and is this a good price? Also, are there increased risks of things such as hyperpigmentation on asian skin for this type of procedure?

Or any suggestions? Please help!

attached is a photo of one area of my nose that I really want to smooth over and about 3 scars excised if possible...it is actually a lot bumpier but the lighting was soft so it looks relatively smooth despite the enlarged pores. I also have a large scar at the tip of my nose and on the bridge of my nose as well as on my forehead.



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Getting them all done at once may be too risky, I would recommend starting with one and seeing how it turns out first.

Hi dallasguy75

Thanks for replying. Yea that sounds like a very good idea.

Anyone know reputable surgeons in Toronto?

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Ok so i went with dr gantous...got 3 excisions done. There really was very little change except the one on the bridge of my nose is WAY WORSE! Probably twice as long and deep as before. It has been 4 months and its still a a bump with almost a centimeter long indent/;cut in the middle. Dr. Gantous told me that it would take 3 months if I had to redo the scar excision curing the consult, but now he tells me i have to wait a year. Very disappointed and basically ruined my face. Do not do it on the bridge of your nose!!!

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