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.:My log [treatment for the impatient]:.

I pretty much have zero patience for anything in life. If it has to be a drawn out process, then fine, but if not, it needs to be done here and now, ASAP. Thats how my treatment for a pretty severe [personally] breakout went. I gave myself winter break (about 2 weeks) to clear up my skin so then I could have a fresh start in '08!

pictures latah!

Oh, a little background:

16, female

Used to have borderline severe acne, only because I lived with a smoker at the time.

5'5" 105, so I'm really small...

oily skin (just my face too...annoying)


I wanted to start the new year with completely clear skin [not realistic at all, I know] but thats what I aimed for. So all day I would spend pretty much stress free, with any assorted mix of baking soda and stuff all over my face. Even though the main part of my treatment is over, I'll go back over it again :)


Small whiteheads all over my chin, that when even moderately touched became these huge red spots that engulfed my chin over christmas. Many many whiteheads on my forehead, right smack dab in the middle so I really couldn't hide them with my hair.Small black and white heads by my nose, really annoying small ones that I knew I could only see unless someone looked really hard. And weird pimples poppin up where my glasses touched the side of my face.

[being impatient I of course made all this worse by Christmas morning, having huge red spots all over my face where I tried to pop them. >.< ]


Baking soda spot treatment: I pretty much coated on the baking soda like at least 2 times a day, waited until it crusted and dried off, then washed it off. I did this the entire 2 weeks and then started to ween my self off of the habit of constantly having stuff on my face.

Calamine Lotion: I used it as a spot treatment as well as a mask. The first night that I used this my face was literally COVERED in pink calamine lotion. I used this as spot treatment on my face though at least 3 times a day. Again I did this waaay too much and decidedly weened myself off of using it in about two days right at the end so then my face didn't become immune to it/ dependent on it.

Honey Mask: I did this once a night for the entire two weeks, personally I'm not even sure if it helped but it did make my skin glow and feel smooth so why not :) I kept my use of this in check because you really can't do much after you put this mask on.

Aspirin Mask: Oh geez, this is seriously the best thing I have ever tried! Its been working so well, and I only have been doing this the last 3 days of my initial two weeks. Only once a day too because my friends told me if I did it more than that I could damage my body with all the aspirin.


~3 Omega3 pills a day.

~Lots and lots and TONS of water

~A tablespoon of honey a day and natural teas.


Personally, I have never had a sweet tooth, and I have never had a problem with junk food. Since early elementary school I have been raised on vegetables, fruits, and everything natural. But mostly I don't eat a whole lot of meat, I eat a lot more vegetables and fruit. But when I do eat meat I eat very lean meat and smaller portions. Tofu I love, and rice, and also I eat at least 2 avocados a week, just because I love the taste/texture and avocado oil is supposed to be very good for you.

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Around X-mas time: OH GEEZ.... :doh: My face was covered in red marks all over my chin and forehead. And they were bright bright bright red too. The actual acne was clearin up because I was constantly having calamine lotion or baking soda on my face. I was getting really frustrated because the small whiteheads I couldn't get to pop or disappear in the couple days around x-mas. This was pretty much the worst that it had gotten over the two weeks. Oh and there was a giant pimple in the middle of my forehead that would not surface or anything for the life of me.

At the time:

Baking Soda Mask

calamine lotion mask at night

face scrub in the morning

Honey mask once a day

and not a lot of cookies during Christmas because more than like, 3 cookies at one time makes me feel sick :\

Stress was waaay up too because there were some major family issues that disrupted Christmas itself. So I slept a lot more than usual on purpose and tried to be as calm as possible during the day.

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Week after christmas to today: There have really been no new blemishes to appear on my face! A lot of the redness has gone down on my forehead and chin, but its not completely gone. There were these two random pimples that appeared on eitherside of my face, but I got rid of them after some spot treatment for around 3 days.

I've started to take Vitamin E and Zinc as well as flax seed oil.

The aspirin mask works FABULOUSLY. I only do it once a day, either in the morning of after class. I've started to put calamine lotion on every night again because it helps prevent any oil getting to the blemishes and helps with the redness in general.

I'm hoping to buy some apple cider vinegar and the Clearasil face wipes again, I realized after I stopped using those my face started to break out more and more. [also when I ran out of those my relationship ended with someone very dear to me who I loved very much, so lots of crying +no face wipes to help = baaad acne]

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