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Need advice, some pics inside

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I get mild acne, now that I am on Minocycline, but I cannot get my face 100% clear, I always have some red marks that really frustrate me.

like in the pics:

I barely breakout here, but this is a recent breakout a week ago with a HUGE zit, but the Minocin killed it in 2 days.

user posted image

I always have trouble in this area, always at least one spots exists here and I can never completely clear this up.

user posted image

Same cheek, don't know how to make this the same as the left cheek.

user posted image

My regimen:

100-200 mg Minocin everyday

wash daily with Glycolic acid cleanser

peel weekly with 30% glycolic acid

15% glycolic cream in the AM

Super cop serum w/Emu Oil in the PM

Clindoxyl gel on infected spots

started 1-3 grams of B-5 daily

I don't know what else I can do, I cannot acheive 100% clarity.

I am frustrated and I am trying to find a way to clear me up better 100% instead of 80%.

Please anyone, I know this isnt bad, but I have suffered for so long with much , much worse in my late teens early 20's. (now 23) it seems to be dying with age, but is still damn persistent.

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