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how to make my makeup look even?

so i'm using edm and i love its coverage and how it's not irritating my skin. my problem is the finish. i have large pores and it's hard creating an airbrushed finished (like with liquids). i've tried a silicone primer, but it doesn't help that much. so how do i make the foundation finish even?

should i add a finisher powder?

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hmmmm..... it could be the way you're applying it, or the method in which you're applying it. the only problem i had with mineral foundation was in conjunction with a concealer. i would start out with concealer, then foundation, then concealer again. depending on the color of the concealer and the amount i put on, it would be blotching on the areas i would try to conceal.

i don't know if this helps you at all, but i would consider maybe putting a couple light layers of foundation on, then going back over the areas you need more coverage with a light hand. setting it with finishing powder will keep everything in place.

hope that helps!

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thanks lulu!! :)

it's not the coverage or blotching i have problems with. it just seems my skin doesn't seem very smooth and the finish is very coarse.

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I like to use a finishing powder first. I would've recommended EM's pure silk dust, but it sucks now with that new ingredient. Someone put a link to another brand that makes a pure silk dust. You might look for one somewhere else, as pure silk dust is really nice & smooth.

I probably will be looking for one too, as I have large pores and find it to help a lot.

I'm not sure how well EM's balancing finishing dust works.

Application helps too....a flat top brush works best for me, and sweeping the last layer over instead of buffing.

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Mine used to look rough until I started applying my makeup before my moisturizer completely dries. Here's what I do

Apply moisturizer of aloe vera gel and olive oil (about 5 drops. You can use Jojoba but I'm allergic like hell). Let sit for about 5 mins.

Dip brush into a small (3 drops max) tray of clean olive oil and then swirl around the cap of the EDM concealer pot. A little goes a LONG way. This is my secret for very dry eyes and those zits that always get crispy when they heal. I dot that where ever I need to but mainly around my eyes and mouth.

Do something else for a minute or so to let things set (I get up and change a cd or get something to drink)

Use your overall powders next as normal. Personally I have severely pale skin and EDM does not make a shade light enough for me, so I use their light pink facial powder as my foundation. This works great for me because I found out that ANYTHING with pigment makes me breakout, makeup and lotion included.

That's it. Good luck.

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