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The Welshman

DKRS Regimen help!!!


I only just started using dans regimen, am in my second week of using it. In the morning i use the cleaner than the bp and moisturizer just around the mouth/chin area, fellowing all the steps that dan says in has videos. At night i just wish my face with the cleaner and if my skins dry than put some moisturizer on.

I don’t know if am allergic to bp or any of the other of dans products, but i am having some big problems with it. The first week things was fine no problems, but in the last few days my skins gone red, crusting, stinging a bit and i think its swelling a bit. Also when i wash my whole face with the cleaner my forehead is getting very dry. I have started to use a bit more bp in the last few days don’t know if that’s the problem.

Don’t know if I should stop using dan regimen for a few days, So that it would cram my face down and then start again but only with very small amount of bp. Also should i keep to the cleaner if I stop the bp for a few days?

Would be great if someone could answer my questions.


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Try here: http://www.acne.org/faq.html#help

You may have started out with too much bp too soon. Skip the next application or two, then begin again with only a pea-sized amount of bp and take your time working up to the full amount. See if your skin adjusts easier.

If you continue to get the redness, crusting, swelling etc. then I would say you should discontinue it altogether.

Hope that helps.

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After reading your post I agree with Brandy that you might have overdone it a bit too fast with the bp. I had been using bp for so many years that I just assumed I could dive right into using almost the full amount - SO wrong lol! You also mentioned you weren't sure if you were reacting to some of the other products. So, here's what I've done in the past when I've found myself in your position with overly dry, red, irritated skin and not sure which product was the culprit:

1 - Stop all the products you are using now to allow your skin to calm down. Only use a cleanser and moisturizer or aloe or something you have used in the past that you have not had a bad reaction to until your skin is normal again. This should prob take a day or two.

2 - While you are allowing your face to get back to normal, make sure you read the link Brandy sent along with all the other posts/problems under the regimen. There are people who have experienced what you are going through so you might find these posts helpful.

3 - Whenever you try new products, they suggest you check for sensitivity by dabbing a small amount of each new product on the inside of your elbow or behind your ear. Leave the products on overnight and check for a reaction in the morning before showering. You can then apply more of the products and check at night. You might be able to tell if one of the products is bothering you with some redness, irritation, etc.

4 - When you feel your skin is back to good shape, like Brandy suggested, go back to doing the regimen using a small amount of bp. However, here's where you might want to incorporate using only one product at a time because you said you didn't know if you were reacting to the bp or the other products. So you could use your mild cleanser you never experienced any problems with, then use the new bp, then your moisturizer you never experienced any probems with. Do this for three days. Then if all looks good, you can add another of the new products for a few days. Continue the additional new products one at a time, every few days, until you have found what is bothering you OR nothing at all this time around lol.

5- I also remember my derm told me to be sure my skin was dry before applying the bp to lessen any chance of irritation. That might be something to try too. Just be sure you pat dry then wait a minute or so before adding the bp next time.

6 - Remember using adequate moisturizer is important. I found as I used more bp I definitely needed to use more moisturizer. I also found that when my skin over-reacted to the bp some days, rather than using the amount I was using at that particular time, I would cut it back to give my skin some time to adjust and calm down before it got to the overly red, horrible stage. I have also found the weather, humidity, dryness of the air, wind, all those things require me to adjust mostly my moisturizer, but occasionally I need to adjust the bp as well.

Good luck and hope this was some help for you!

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Cheers guys for the advice, i think i will stop using dans regimen for a few days to cram my face down, then i will start it back up when my face has fully recovered. This time i well start off with very small amount of BP.

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