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Hi everyone. I'm about 16 years old, with mild-moderate acne I would say. I get pretty oily, but not excessive. I get some whiteheads around the chin area occasionlly, I have blackheads on my nose and occasionally on my cheeks, and on my lower cheek area I expereince some larger pimples from time to time, but no cysts or anything along those lines. When I first started to get acne I used Differin every other night on and off with another topical I can't recall. Than I moved to Ziana and Myno, as well as sulfur pads, after a severe breakout after experimenting with Proactiv, which I've found I was allergic to. My myno supply ran out a while ago, so I've been off that for about three mnonths now, and have been using Ziana only, with a Cetaphil face wash. Within the past two weeks I've just dropped Ziana completly becuase I see absolutely no changes, and have been using Clean and Clear Advantage Acnbe Spot Treatment, which had been working really nicely, suprisingly. Goes to show you that more money doesn't always mean better results. Anyways, I've been reading around about different vitamins that help with acne, and I tried zinc for a while but I didn't see any results really. I also tried drinking ACV but that didn't do that much either. I just looked at some reviews for vitamin b-5 but a lot of them were really negative so I became a little scared. What supplments or vitamins would you reccomend? What's your experience?

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