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Tri-luma for an active cyst

I just got back from my dermatologist and he gave me a sample of Tri-luma to try on a stubborn red spot leftover from a cyst that has been long gone. After reading up on this medication, I'm wondering if anyone has used this for an active or receding cyst. It's a combination of bleaching agent, retinoid, and a medium strength corticosteroid. It sounds like the perfect thing to help kick a cyst in the ass.

So, anyone have any thoughts or has anyone tried it? Thanks.

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TriLuma is not indicated for an active cyst. It won't do anything for the infection and may damage the skin or even cause a different type of superimposed infection due to the corticosteroid in it.

TriLuma is only for short-term use. Do not under any circumstances use it longer (or more heavily) than prescribed or you risk severe permanent damage to your skin. TriLuma will help with the pigmentation issue from the old cyst as the topical is prescribed usually for melasma (discoloration also).

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Thanks for your input. I guess I'm just rather desperate. I have the worst cyst I've ever gotten. I'm just freakin' out because I have a week long vacation with a bunch of friends coming up on Jan 19, and I want it gone by then. There are no dermatologists anywhere around me that will do injections for them. I'd take my chances on scarring if it would just go away. I read your recommendations for dealing with one. Do you think there is any value in using an aspirin paste on it?

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