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FOOLED! Back to Square One ...

Today, after I got back to Japan from New York, I decided to boil up some buckwheat noodles - the ingredients of which I'd never checked because they're freaking BUCKWHEAT and naturally gluten free.

On a whim, as I boiled the noodles, I glanced at the ingredient.



What ... the ... fuck?!!?

I've been eating these at least 5 times a week since I've been on this diet - freaking out because there was no change. NO WONDER!!! I've been eating flour almost every day!!

I'm confused now because after 9 days back home in America and willfully cheating on my diet a handful of times (granola, fruitcake, fruit tart, a KFC biscuit, a gray's papaya hot dog) my skin actually looks good this week. I'm not sure if it's because I started using Aqua Glycolic toner since I was there or because I've become more diligent with my supplements and did a colon cleanse as well as got into taking psyllium husks. I am getting a cyst on my chin, though, but apart from that, I have nothing inflamed - just those darn whiteheads which appear lesser in number and the general quality of my skin seems nicer overall. Hence the confusion.

I intend to keep eating healthily - apart from pastry, junk food holds very little appeal for me these days and I love the idea of what vegetables and supplements can do for my body - but I wonder if I ought to be so diligent about wheat. Or should I really go super nazi and make sure I do it right after all?

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