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Is it possible to remove this type of scar?

I have a small linear scar on the side of my face. It's sort of like a hypertrophic scar in the shape of a line. It's completely flat and shiny - different texture than my normal skin. It's pinned down as well. The skin surrouding it sinks inward toward the scar on all edges.

So basically it looks like a depression. It's not big though and after I wake up from sleeping it appears completely level. I believe it's because the blood has filled in that area (while I was laying down). Also, since the scar itself is near the same color of my skin it basically looks invisible and normal.

However, after I show the depression is back.

I can stretch my skin so the depression disappears too but the scar is still visible.

So basically, I don't know how if this is even treatable. The scar is already flat but since it's pinned down it pulls the surrounding skin inward making a depression. How would this be treated? Could fraxel elevate the area or is this something that is beyond repair?


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sounds like your scar is the perfect candidate for subscision. Subscision will release the bonds holding down your scar.

The subcision info copied below.. is from the Summary of Scars and Treatments, which is pinned at the top of the scar forum. Check it out, its very helpful and an interesting read:D

Q: What is subcision? Will it improve my scars?

A: Subcision is a method whereby a Dr. uses a "Nokor" needle to break up the scar tissue underneath the surface of the skin. It is said to be best for rolling scars that are bound down. Bound down scar tissue looks smoother when the skin adjacent to the scar is pulled tight. Some peoples scarring has improved by this method, others have had minimal or no improvement, and others have had their scarring deepen (though this seems to be more rare). Please see your Dermatologist for further information on this procedure.

For more information, check the following thread:


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