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seeing improvement w/ grain free diet and beans!

a few days before the new year i made a resolve to completely cut out all bad foods for good: no refined grains, no sugar, no trans fats, no dairy except high quality butter on occasion, no processed foods, etc. i also am taking it a step further and am cutting out grains. so for the past week my diet has consisted of around 2 cups of beans a day, lots of veggies both fresh and raw, healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, flax, etc, a serving of fruit per day, small amount of nuts/seeds, eggs. since doing this i haven't experienced a single sugar episode. for me, that is when i know i've over done the carbs/sugars ( get a sugar high, face stings and feels hot, feel really tired then, etc). so i know my blood sugr levels are steady. my energy levels have been super steady and as a result my desire to binge has gone significantly down and im excercising a lot more mostly bc i have the energy. i think the key was adding in lots of beans. they really are great. they fill me up and digest very slowly. plus they are loaded with anti oxidants, some beans have as many anti oxidants as berries. when you first start eating beans you might have some digestion issues bc i read somewhere that the average person only consumes around a cup of beans a year or something like that. my body got used to them very quickly and i dont have really any discomfort with them. my favorite way to eat them is mashed up somewhat and cooked w/ coconut oil, curry spices, some sea salt and some veggies, olives, onions, etc mixed in. and really, beans arent as carb heavy as some may think. yeah they have more than veggies but when you subtract the fiber, the net amount is moderately low. but yeah, im seeing improvement from this and im losing some of my holiday splurge pudge.

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Beans are the best foods to keep blood sugars balanced for hours.

Not only because they don't spike glycemia and are slowly absorbed but because of substance in them that improve glucose tolerance and insulin resistance.

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