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Lumps under the skin

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I've had mild acne since I was 12, I'm 21 now. It's been pretty much the same since I was 12 and tbh I can't see it going away at all as I've tried plenty of treatments. I've had a proper clear face maybe once in the last few years and the difference was huge.

I don't really get whitheads. Just the red spots that are usually sore. They grow around the chin, cheek (rarely), under the nose, between the eyebrows. Sometimes on the forehead. There's always one or 2 on my neck and my shoulders haven't been clear in years. They're much bigger red spots on the shoulders. My skin also gets really oily.

I'll only have a few "live spots" on my face at one time. Most of what you can see with the eye are dead spots waiting to fade.

Anyway, when I get a spot I can feel a lump in that area when I rub my tongue around the skin inside my mouth - if you know what I mean. The thing is though there's loads of small lumps that I can feel with my tongue but they can't be seen. If I rub my tongue around the lower lip area I can feel probably 50 small lumps, not that I can accurately count them. If I rub as far as my tongue can reach up to my cheek area the skin in that area is smooth, no lumps. No coincidence that I don't get spots in that area. It's like they're waiting to swell up on the outside of my face. Sometimes they'll actually open up on the other side of my skin, on the inside of my mouth. A few people I've told this to just told me it was cold sores but I'm sure I know the difference.

I use panoxyl to kill spots and it's very effective but no cream I've used have ever gotten rid of or even reduced the amount of lumps in my skin.

Could anyone tell by my description whether I have a unique condition or would it be similar to anyone else? And the recommended treatments.


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