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red mark still there after 2 years!

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About two years ago i developed scabbing on my face on my right cheek and under my left eye, i had taken a course of accutane, but by the time i started getting the scabbing, i had been off accutane for about six months. It's been about two years now since i had the scabbing, and i still have this big red patch under my left eye where the scabbing was. I get this dry stuff growing over the top of it, which if i wet with a bit of water, i can scrape off. it just looks like grey dead slimy skin (sorry to be so graphic!). But what i'm really trying to sort out is the redness, i've had some IPL on it, but it's still red. Can anybody offer me any suggestions for trying to get rid of this redness please, because like i said, it's been about two years now! Thankyou.

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Go see a dermatologist.

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