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ive been using proactiv for about 10 months.. It has done wonders..

But lately.. it hasn't.

I got a bunch of new pimples on my lower right chin. Probably around 3-6.Those are gone, but i am stuck w/ a bunch of red-marks. But thats no problem b/c im using something for those, and it's fading good.

Now, I have 5-6 new ones on my left cheek by my nose and mouth..

Im really frusturated. Almost to the point of (sounds stupid) crying.

What should I do? Should I continue to use proactiv?, Should i get something different from proactiv? OR should i try something different? OR go to a derm.?

i was thinking about getting the mild exfoliation peel from proactiv. but i dont know...

I would really like it if someone would help me out.


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If you get cyst and pretty severe cases of having new acne on your face, go to your derm to check out and probably try accutane, there is a 100% chance it will work but not so much on your red marks. There is bunch of side effects though so i would suggest this as your LAST bet.

Now stop using pro-active, its a crappy product i just stopped using, it works at first but later it will make it a lot worse. DISCONTINUE USING PRO-active

anyways I am pretty much same cases as you, after using pro-active i started getting alot of new pimples, so I decided to order Dan's BP gel that has 2.5 Benzoyl peroxide, it has done wonders for me and stopped growing new pimples on places where i didn't want them to grow at.

If you have sensitive skin get any cleanser that won't irritate your skin, try Avene soapless gel cleanser, its very soft and does not irritate your skin one bit, plus it dries your oily skin and ready to put BP. There are other cleanser out there, it just matters of your skin.

If you want to work on your red marks, try Neutrogena healthy skin lotion AHA Night version, It has Alpha hydorxy acid which helps your red marks fade a lot faster.

If you want to tackle your red marks completely which I am on now, I try ACV which stands for Apple cider vinegar, this thing is what everyone is doing so i suggest looking up ACV thread in the red mark section of this forum, here is the link.


This is basically my regimen because I like to tackle both sides without irritating your skin, I would like to stop growing new pimples on my face, and be able to fade red marks faster.

So basically I wash my face with cleanser, pat dry, Apply ACV wait until dry, apply bp gel on my face, wait until its absorbed, and then moisturize with AHA.

If it gets too irritating take out using BP because ACV also works on acne as well.

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the acne that i have niow isnt really severe, there just smaller and really red. they are not huge like what i had before

poractiv does not irratate my skin.

im actually afraid to quit. i heard that once u quit the acne comes right back, really bad.

Ive always wanted to create my own regimine... lol i might try it.

but thank u for the regimin! i will look into that!!

I dont think that i will ever use accutane. My skin is not that bad i dont think to start that. And i am really scared of using that because of the side affects. I think that id rather have the acne that i have now than to have all those side effects or other problems.

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