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Are these really bad marks left from an Acne? *pictures included*

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Hi, I have a pretty bad acne, but well I have been using my regimen of Avene soapless gel cleanser, BP gel, then Neutrogena healthy skin lotion AHA night. I don't have any SPF moisturizor because where I live right now is winter so we don't get a lot of sunlight.

Using this for about a month now and wow it really does work for me when it comes to clearing out acne, BUT all those acne left out a really really bad red marks on my face which almost looks like I have alot of acne. I still have acne here and there but they are small and places I don't really mind having them *forehead etc*

My red marks are so big and when i look at other red marks on people's faces, they are so small, and when i look at mine they are so big and dark. I am really depressed about this because this stupid redmark is in my way and makes me very insecure.

I am trying EVERYTHING i can to get rid of these red marks as fast as I can.

I might consider going under ACV in my regimen, is this a good idea or will it irritate my skin?

I have pretty sensitive skin since I have dry skin problems and always needed quite a moisturizor to keep it moiztured.

If i added ACV in my regimen, it will come out as Avene soapless gel cleanser, ACV 50/50 (starting low amount maybe use full force), Apply Dan's BP gel, wait until dry and then apply the Neutrogena AHA lotion Night.

Here are the pics of my face RIGHT now and look how severe my red mark is.



BTW looking at these pics do you think I have any scars on my face?

and some of the white chip is my dry skin.

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It seems like you have some small ice picks - the picture is pretty bad quality though so it's hard to say wouldn't really worry about those they are pretty un noticeable.

I am pretty positive that the redness is gonna go it might take a few months though. Or at least that's how it is with me, if I get a bad breakeout.

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I mean the Small "hole" kind of things, but I wouldn't worry they are really small and even people without acne sometimes have them.

that redness isn't really scarring anyway and like I said for me and many friend of mines too, the redness has always gone away.

I have had that kind of redness too, it goes away BUT it takes a pretty long time, like I said probably more than 2 months.

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