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Hi Accutane :)

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Hey guys!... I discovered this site in october when all of a sudden I started breaking out pretty badly after getting back from studying abroad in Australia(good times). Ive managed to make my way through the “Mild/moderate†group by using SA/BP/other otc products..then over to the “Prescription meds†forum after my derm prescribed me differin, minocycline and then Keflex…and after 3 months on that regimine with no results im 4 days away from starting my first course of accutane. ...who woudlve thought

Im pretty scared to start taking a drug that might have pretty shitty side effects, and I always question whether or not I am making the right move. Some of these doubts include:

-should I try a different retinoid? Other antibiotics? Find an esthetician?

-am I sacrificing my last semester of college for my skin?

-am I healthy enough to be taking this? Will I have liver failure?

- am I gona have to stop working out and gain 75 lbs??(i run about 5 miles every morning and this is extremely importanttt to me!)

-am I just being too superficial and caring too much about the way I look?

With all of these thoughts constantly replaying in my head, I cant help but go through with my plans to start on accutane. After completing the dumbass comprehension questions on ipledge last night, I will be picking up my prescription sometime this week. I hope to start accutane on Jan 1st…that’s after I get shitfaced on my 21st birthday on Dec 30th and New Yearss obviouslyyyy!

Im really really scared about all of this, so please, if anyone has recently started accutane, or others who might have time to read my future probably drama-filled concerns (hopefully not), I would feel so much safer and not alone. My parents don’t know that I will be starting accutane, and you guys might think that im a moron, but they have no idea what accutane is, and after googling it would be so worried about me with all of the possible side effects. I go to school out of state so it wont be that hard to hide, and my older sister and two of my bestfriends from my sorority will know.

I can continue to search for the cause of my acne…stress/the recent end of a 2 yr relationship/hormones..etc… or sit here and write another page about how acne has affected me…but really, I just want my life back. Im hoping that with positive thinking and support, things will work out for me. Wish me luckkk! I really appreciate any future advice or encouragement.

ps- i hope that what i wrote makes sense because this is my 3rd attempt at starting this log, because i accidently pressed the Back button twice after finishing....(only me...)

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Hi, welcome to the worlds greatest acne forum!

Whether or not you're healthy enough for accutane should have been determined by your blood test, so if your derm or doctor prescribed it for you than that means that you are! On one course of accutane you will not have liver failure unless your liver has already been wrecked and weakened with years of other toxins, its not that badass!

In my experience, antibiotics and topical retinoids are not anywhere as effective as accutane.

You won't have to stop working out, although personally ive experienced quite a bit of joint and back pain from accutane, but it may not happen to you!

I'm not sure what you mean by "sacrificing" your last semester of college, but you should not drink alcohol while on accutane as it can and will cause liver problems.

The most common side effects are simply dry/peeling lips and skin, and maybe a few nosebleeds or a few headaches. Just drink tons of water and you should be fine.

And as I'm sure it says all over your prescriptions packaging: DO NOT GET PREGNANT LOL.

And remember, accutane is fun! Its like chemotherapy!

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OK...so after filling my prescription on tuesday...and debating and researching and putting it off...i took my first pill of accutane (claravis 40 mg) about 10 mins ago.... i said a little prayer first hehe

i figure...ive been through a lot of shit in my life, eating disorders, losing friends to drugs, the end of a 3 year relationship...so i am strong enough to deal with these side effects...hopefully i will not get any. and with logic from "the secret"...I WILL NOT HAVE SIDE EFFECTS OR AN IB AND I WILL BE CLEAR ASAP!!!! ahaha...staying positive is key.

seriously though...its now or never, and if i dont start this accutane that has been laying on my desk for 4 days...im gona go on with life, trying crap and WASTING MONEY on things that dont help me.

wish me luck and i will be so thankful for words of encouragement.

one question: im supposed to be taking accutane once a day...does anyone prefer AM/PM/or lunch? my biggest meal is dinner so i figure that is a good time...but i dont want it to disrupt my sleep...

k guys have a great night!

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Day 2

So i took my first pill last night and i dont know if its just because i was nervous but i feel as though i had a hard time concentrating as the night progressed...kind of like hard to focus or something...is it wayyyyyyyyy to early for these side effects?

and today i just dont feel like "myself"....as of my skin, i got kind of pinker, and i feel like flat bumps starting to get more inflammed.

will take my second pill tonight

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I asked my derm & pharmacist about the best time to take the pill if it's once a day. The both said that the drug reaches it's peak after around 8 hours & they prefer you too be awake when it is peaking, although you can take it at night if the side effects are too bad. I stick to the morning or after lunch. If get bumped up to two a day I'll go with AM & PM.

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hey...i'm a 18/Female and am going through the SAME thing. In mid sept 2007 i started breaking out...just on my chin and jawline...i have never had "acne" just one ever few months...this came to a shock....i will be starting accutane one Jan 23. and will be starting at 30mg...i wish you the best of luck...and would love to share the emotional journey. I have lately been in deep depression and have become anti social because of this....please dont feel your alone...


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i wish you best of luck with your accutane

dont stress, i only started a few days ago too

after 7 months of research and talking to past accutane users

and ive gone over board reading all side effects and symptoms and stuff.


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thanks guys so much for the posts...i havent been getting much feedback from others on my log, and your posts really made my day:) im really doing this for myself, so i wont be too upset if my log isnt the most intersting thing in the world haha.

as for my accutane progress...

nothing to report so far...my "feeling not like myself" feeling went away....and i really think i felt like that because i was just thinking about it too much. Yesterday and today i just forgot about the drug, and hung out with friends, went out to dinner, just went on with life and i feel as though im not on anything. My face looks and feels pretty much the same, no inc/dec in oiliness. Maybe some of the bumps on the sides of my face look a little more inflammed? I dont know...i might just be thinking so because i am on this drug. I dont really have big pimples or cysts...so this accutane course will be helping the tons of little bumps/pimples ive been getting. I pick those guys sometimes and have red marks which probably make me look like my acne is 10 time worse than it is. im slowly trying to stop this bad bad habit.

im trying to research stuff to use for redmarks even though i knowww people say dont do anything til youre done. im so lucky to be a girl and wear makeup...sorry for all of you guys and the redmarks you cant mask while on accutane...must be hard :(

ok not much too report as of now (crossing fingers for nothing MAJOR to report in the upcoming future)

love u guys!

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Glad to hear that your "not feeling like yourself feeling" went away!

As for redmarks, I seriously suggest the aveeno products I use.

It's gentle for us accutane users and I'm seeing a lot of my redmarks fading.

Good luck and I can't wait to hear about your progress!

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thanks again for everyone whose been reading my log :)


Well its my seventh day and i havent written anything for the past couple of days simply because there isnt much to report. My skin is definitely softer, and although i dont think i have broken out more...the existing whiteheads on the sides of my face seem to be getting bigger or more inflammed..maybe its my imagination. i think that in order to stop picking your face, you have to learn the hard way how sensitive accutane makes your face. I went to pop a little whitehead and not only did nothing come out, but it left a pinkish mark and i hardly even put any pressure on it.

I dont know if this has anything to do with accutane (i hope not!) but today after working out, i went to stretch my arms and all of a sudden i got a severeee pain on the left side of the back of my neck. Maybe i pulled a muscle in my neck, but its been getting worse throughout the day. Does accutane make you more prone to muscle sprains? ugh its killinggg mee!! well hopefully that will be the worst of my side effects! As of IB...nothing so far...and i really really dont think i can handle one...physically, mentally, in any way shape or form! I go back to school on sunday...and although my skin is pretty bad, it really cant get worse or i dont know what the F im going to do with myself.

aright guys. 1 week down and almost finished my first pack of pills!

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I have to stop my popping/picking habit as well. Over the past couple of days I've gotten away with it, but I know as time goes on my skin won't be happy (and neither will I).

Your pain while working out is probably from the Accutane. The drug does cause muscle and joint pain, it's one of the side effects. I'm not sure about being more prone to muscle sprains though...

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okay.... A) I AM SUCH A DUMBASSSSSS!!!!! i woke up this morning, and what was the first thing i did? tried to pop that one whitehead that i startd popping and left alone!! i guess i had the mindset of "let me finish this guy off"...and wow it went from being a small whitehead to a major redmark...and i dont even think its all out. i really dont have a serious picking problem, but sometimes i just really give myself the worst redmarks. i guess i thoguht..."welll if its already a redmark, let me just make sure its gone for good"...NOPE..dont do that!!! now i think it looks 10000000000X worse.

B) my neck pain is no joke. it hurts so bad its making me nauseous. i went shopping yesterday and literally walked out of the dressing room halfway though because i couldnt stand to try on anything else. i was getting almost light headed and just bought everything probably because i couldnt even tell whether or not it looked good....i guess ill return the crap that doesnt look good. Im so lucky that my mom is a chiropractor because im just going to go to her office today and go in one of those massage machines...:) :)

...oh and ps..my mom doesnt know im on accutane...so ill have fun explaining to her why my neck hurts. (sorry i know this is so stupid for not telling my parents but they really cant handle it, esp my mom who thnks SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING and wants me to go to accupuncture for my acne)...and the REASON my neck hurts is because she suggested YOGAA to reduce my acne, and i guess i pulled my neck during one of those freaking poses.

arightyy love u guys! and thanks Ang for the support. STOP POPPING THOSE PIMPS! hehe

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I hate it when you make a pimple worse by popping it. It makes me so mad and makes me want to jump in a time machine.

That sucks that your neck is hurting so badly :(

Just hang in there!!

You're so lucky that your mom is a chiropractor.

A massage machine sounds sooo good.

My mom is so angry that I'm taking accutane. She thinks it's going to damage my reproductive organs and she doesn't want that to happen since she wants me to have lots and lots of babies (yeah right...being fat for 9 months and going through that pain...no thanks). She yells at me everytime I cringe from back pain. She should be happy since I can relate to her back pain now haha

My lower back has really been hurting. Last night I took a shower and was shaving my legs so I had to bend over. After 2 minutes my back started to hurt soooo bad. It felt like my spine was twisting and I literally cringed in pain. I fell to the tub floor twice because of it...oh well.

Hope everything goes okay with your mom.

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Ang- i def know how hard it is to complain about your symptoms to parents who dont support you taking the drug in the first place!!!hopefully these nasty side effects will subside and we will al have beautiful skin :)

DAY 9/10

tonight i will be finishing my first pack of pills!!:) i know its not a big milestone, but hey its my first one! Im in the middle of packing for school, and i head back later today. Im definitely feeling anxiety about this, becaue my skin is pretty gross. I have a bunch of under the skin stuff and redmarks. There seems to be a pimple growing on the left side of my face and i feel as though accutane makes pimples that youve had before but didnt heal all the way come back...i dont know if u guys can relate to this theory. well anyway...my neck pain is still there, and prevents me from being able to work out. Im almost tempted to just take a pain killer and go for a run because this is making me feel like not only am i having a small breakout, but im becoming out of shape...gota figure something out with that situation haha

im starting to wonder if i should incorporate some type of spot treatment into my regimine for pimples that may be forming....or should i just leave them alone and let them heal naturally, as hard as that might be. Its weird but my lips are starting to peel but they arent dry yet? has anyone had that? maybe this is the initial peeling.

alrighty. not much to report. whiteheads on the sides of my face that seem to be drying up (crossing fingers and PRAYINGGGG for no more!!), forehead/chin/everywhere else not the sides of my face clear, and one forming pimple on the left side of my face

goodluck to me...back to school today for my last semester :)

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Good luck at school!

I know you feel nervous about it, but you'll be fine.

Just remember, you are your own worst enemy and nobody thinks about your acne the way you do. A couple of months and we'll have beautiful skin!

At least the school year is halfway done.

Whoo for first pack of pills!

I just started on my second box of sotret :D

I know what you mean about the lips!!!

Mine peeled like crazy!!!!!

Now mine are sooooo dry! and I'm at my aunt's without chapstick!

As for spot treatment, I would suggest using something rather than letting a pimple heal by itself, that way it can speed up the healing. I don't know what your skin is like but you can use something like BP or the proactiv mask which is sulfur. I really really like the mask. It works really well.

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DAY 11

im actually pretty happy to be back at school. Its pretty silly that i was "afraid" to be seen by the people i love. I came home to my room decorated for my bday (was on dec 30th) and a ton of gifts from my sorority sisters. the girls i live with have been my best friends from freshman year (im nowa senior) and could give 2 shits less how many pimples i have on my face. they are throwing me a party tomorow :)

my neck pain has gone away:) i went to the gym today and had a great work out! im still breaking out a bit but overall im feeling great !

ang- one of my roommates has the proactiv mask so maybe i will try that ;)

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im a 21/f just started taking 40mg a day! good to know youre not alone huh?

*jumps on the accutane bandwagon* Hey I'm 20/f and popped my first pills last night, on 60/40mg on alternating days. Hope it goes well for all of us :dance:

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im a 21/f just started taking 40mg a day! good to know youre not alone huh?

*jumps on the accutane bandwagon* Hey I'm 20/f and popped my first pills last night, on 60/40mg on alternating days. Hope it goes well for all of us :dance:

also jumping on the bandwagon, im 22/f and going to start accutane tuesday!! hope everyone is doing well : o )

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ive taken...5 pills so far? i feel great today and yesterday. first couple days felt a little "off" but now i feel completely normal. i think its just my body getting used to it. its crazy i can see it working already...good stuff!!!

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