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Hi all

Just wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with scented moisturisers and any effect on acne. I hear a lot of stuff about not using scented face washes, but not so much about scented moisturisers.

My skin is super dry because of the weather, and it needs a pretty decent amount of moisturiser every day. The other day i bought a Nivea moisturiser with jojoba oil but opened it up to find it was very nice smelling, i just hope it doesnt cause acne. Thoughts?

Thanks for the help.

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If it has a fragrance in it that means it has more chemicals. Whether it will make you break out more frequently or not is questionable.

Personally, i use a moisturizer with no fragrance and no SPF (chemicals that make spf irritate my skin quite a bit) :)

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^^^same here...moisturizers with spf irritate me...so i went on to makeupalley.com to check out what the best moisturizers are...thats when i found out about glycerin..u just buy a little cheapie bottle of it and dilute it with water..pat it on your face after meds or before goin to sleep and i swear this stuff feels awesome..my skin has never been this hydrated!! a lovely dewyness..none of that oily stuff which my skin is known to do (i have freakishly oily skin) to me a good moisturizer should hydrate, soothe and protect..this does all that and more...and NO breakouts..as glycerin (glycol) is non comedogenic...if u look at many moisturizers glycerin is a main ingredient..try it..you will wonder why you have been spending so much on other moisturizers!!

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Scented moisturizers really irritate my skin, some give me rashes, which in turn gets my acne up in arms. If you have sensitive skin I would stay away, far, far away. Though trying it out will really be the only way for you to know.

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I once ran out of my own for a few days and used my mum's instead, which was scented. It didn't moisturise half so well as my one and I ended up breaking out.

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