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okay... 2 1/2 months... not working

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And I've been following it EXACTLY

I never had BAD acne, just mild-moderate and only on my upper lip, little on my nose, and the lower half of my face (chin and such, not on cheecks)...

I've been on the regimen for 2 1/2 months, and it seems to have barely improved at all. My scars look just as bad, red marks are still here, and I still get 4/5 pimples a week.

Should I just keep going? Has anyone had to wait this long for improvement? Or should I go to a dermitologist and get some pills or something stronger?

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Im in my 6th week, and I too have the same face as before I started the regimen. Most people would say keep at it and that's what I'm going to say too.

Keep at it while looking for alternatives via your dermatologist. This is the route I'm taking. I'm done with otc medications, but I'm not gonna let the regimen go until my dermatologist tells me to and puts me on something else.

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Don't get discouraged... it might take a while... I remember taking around 3 months to get to a good point. BTW if you haven't already, I'd suggest getting Eucerin Renewal, and start using moisturizer at both times when you do the regimen.

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It's a moisturizer that has AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) that supposedly gently exfoliate... don't know if this is true if they work, there's been some dispute because of the relatively high pH of the moisturizer which would cancel out the exfoliating effects... but nonetheless it is an awesome moisturizer (far superior to any other).


If you have anymore questions, feel free to give me a holler. Since you said mate I'm guessing you're in Australia, sorry if I'm wrong. I'm in the US so I don't know if/where you could attain this moisturizer... but it's worth a shot to look for it.

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LOL, As if Dan spent hours writing false success stories. Give me a break, you guys should be banned from here. 2 letters:


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I'm from the US, I just like saying mate.

I looked at the videos and at the notworking list...

I am using Kaiser generic 2.5% BP, I'm using about a finger length and a bit for just bottom half of my face and nose... Purpose cleansing bar after giving up on this Nutrogena pore scrubber stuff...

using Nutrogena moustirizer... altho now that I think about it I just started using the mousterizer consistantly after I noticed how poorly I was doing acne-wise.

Prehaps that's the cause?

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For the regimen to work, it needs to be followed closely. That means moisturizer daily. I would give it 1-2 months of strict adherence, starting now, using tons of bp, and then judge your results.

As far as my IP goes, most people have dynamic IP addresses, which means they change from time to time. I don't know exactly how it works, but don't worry, it's me.

As far as the success stories go, they are real. I'd have to be pretty darn warped to have made them up. You'd definitely have to lock me up. =P~

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