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So, since xmas is over with now, what did everybody get?

I got Pink Floyd's new box set, all of their studio albums!

I also got some clothes and some guitar picks.

I enjoyed this holiday.

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I got an upset stomach... :(

But seriously, I got my mom who's visiting me in London this year for the holidays. :D We're going sightseeing today!

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Socks!!! (I like socks!)

Seasons 2-5 of Bablyon 5 (which we were missing and constantly had to borrow from the 'rents!)

Battlestar Galactica books!

And the best Christmas gift of all was being able to spend it with my sister and her kids (a first in over a decade!)

Oh, and add me in for an upset tummy, too. Ah well.

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I never understood why people get socks for christmas xD

I got perfume, a pashmina scarf, sony ercisson phone, dress from MNG and a pair of cowboy boots. I'm waiting for an order from EDM, it was supposed to be another present but it's taking ageees to arrive ..

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Freakin awesome Olive Garden Gift Certificates


A quartz necklace? Appearently quartz means love

And some other stuff, but my big presents were two designer bags. Woo!

Oh, I also got a stomach ache becuase the food was pretty bad at my boyfriend's mother's house so I didn't eat it. :redface:

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The Style Council - Our Favourite Shop deluxe version

OCS Anthology

As is Now Weller CD + DVD.

Quadrophina Who Soundtrack.

ipod Nano (which I didnt ask for, but cant complain eh?)

Socks, Scarf + gloves.

Hordes of Chocolate.

A visit from the love of my life which left me more depressed than I've ever been at christmas. The only girl I could honestly apply the term 'whirlwind' to.

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I got Pink Floyd, too. (Oddly, my daughter said it was a toss up between Dark Side of the Moon and Quadrophenia.) I got a really soft, fluffy blanket, some smelly stuff from The Body Shoppe (White Musk), some Lindt 70% dark chocolate and two candles from a couple of students...and I bought myself a new 32" LCD HD TV that I haven't been able to watch since the Wii and Guitar Hero was opened!

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I wish I had got some socks! I'll have to go buy some new ones myself.

I got a bunch of movies that I wanted - Adaptation, The Godfather box set, 2046, Dancer in the Dark and some others. And some fabulous Miu Miu shoes that are red, pink, and purple.

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my parents dont give me presents... i have had to buy my own things my whole life, so they basically gave me things i lost to their dog. Since they got a dog, he has eaten my socks, shirts, shoes, and things like that. So they bought me new clothes for christmas... so i basically came out even with just newer stuff that i already had and didnt need replaced.

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-Gift Cards to Walmart <333 :D and target, american eagle, hot topic, and bath & body works.....

-A couple sweatshirts that I decided to give away to a very poor girl who lives next to my mom...she has really ratty/torn clothes :(

- Lots of chocolate that I gave away to everyone

-Bottle of arbor mist

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A gold bracelet, a book called "Wonders of The World", "Red Rose Speedway",

some sheet music, the game "Apples to Apples", and some Rimmel and

Max Factor.

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Um, Chinese food and a trip to the movies? Actually, it was delicatessen and a trip to the movies to see Sweeney Todd, the bestest musical ever, but whatever.

The highlights of my Chanukah loot were a book of Yiddish folksongs, dark chocolate covered figs and zante currants from Scharffen Berger, a t-shirt from Scharffen Berger that says, "[Extra] Bitter," a classic film about a mobster's girlfriend/burlesque singer and a stodgy linguistics professor working on American slang, and a whole bunch of earrings (I got my ears pierced in September).

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