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I can't come off Accutane

Well, I have been on Accutane for 5 months at 40 mg and I was finally clearing up so I missed 3 pills/days (120mg) one week (not even in a row) and I kid you not, I had a bad breakout the following week. It was like all the pimples and inflammation started surfacing back again :(

This is depressing. What should I do? I am back on now but am so worried about coming off again. Approaching 6 months but how long can I stay on 40mg? Is 8-10 months safe to do? I don't want it coming back and now I am anxious about stopping even if I cam clearing or knock on wood (clear again). I broke out bad missing 120mg or 3 pills one week, I can't imagine what would or will happen if I were to stop for a few weeks or month.

Don't miss your pills, even if you think you don't need it you probably still do.

Any advice or experience with this?

I am seriously thinking about staying on for 8-10 months. I only get some chapped lips and dry skin, nothing too serious so I can tolerate another 4 months or so, what do you all think?

EDIT - how do you work out your cumulative dose? I am 5'10 and approx 165 lbs. thanks.

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After your course, talk to your dr. about a low-dose maintenance course. Some have had great success with 10-20mg taken once a week indefinitely.

You can search for yourself in this database: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez/

i would assume doctors would be hesitant to prescribe "maintenance doses." i'm about to finish my course and i don't think my doctor will prescribe any more pills for me. i'm gonna be upset if that's the case because i had horrible oil before accutane and i assume it will be back within a few months

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im also facing this dilemma im on my fourth course of accutane now and my oil/acne has returned after the last 3 courses so im dreading coming off this one in 2 and a half months time i think people like myself have no other choice but maintance doses...........just so damn hard to get a derm that agrees with it! :(

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Sorry to tell you this but it is highly unlikely that if you only missed those pills that your break-out was because of that. I had breakouts to the last month(I was on it for ~9 months @60mg per day and I weigh just under 70 kg). I still have breakouts(4 months after) even after a pretty large cumulative dose.

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