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Wow.. Seriously, how can it get this bad? (pics)

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I think the bottom three are burn victims, i've seen someone who was burnt by boiling oil (my half-cousin) and he looked exactly like that about a week after the incident.

He still has terrible scars but they're nothing compared to what it was. He's gonna have treatment for them.

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i dont know about the one on the far right.. the one in the middle maybe.. but the one on the right doesnt look like a burn, its face looks all bubbly with white heads and black heads everywhere..

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How could anyone let that happen to those poor people? How could god let us get acne? Why does acne exist?

Fuck i hate acne. It's the worst thing that ever existed. Now if you'll excuse me i'm off to go and kill myself (not really, but sometimes i want to).

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all I can say is, I thank God every day no matter how bad I think my skin is... we always think ours is bad, but when we see someone else's whose is worse than ours, it can start to put it back into perspective.

*thank you God for what you have given me. Even if I complain about it and wish I had someone else's (better than mine), I thank you for what you have given me. Your mercies amaze me.*

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the middle picture looks more like a flesh eating virus than acne. I feel sorry for whoever it is, he must be going through hell with the pain of having lacerations that size on his face, not even taking into account what it looks like or people`s reactions to it; by the way, i dont remember someone taking a picture of my ass!

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