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young 17 year old

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hi, so i been on this forums for about 3-4 months but havent taken the time to register lol...im a fellow acne suffer...i wouldnt know wether to call it serious or not but to me its ANNOYING..ummmmmmmm i got some issues with the dark marks left on my face and these bumps on my face and am probably going to consult my doctor on what i need to do about this..again the last time i did he jus prescribed me benzoyl peroxide which i found very hard to use as it burnt my face totally so i stopped that...i did use all both types of benzoyl with danns regiem but it seemd to still burn my face..currntly im just washing my face with a tea tree oil wash and using some vitamin e cream..also taking my vitamins and stuff.

i dont know wether to actaually go on accutane or wether retin A would be of much help...

however just wanted some advice on what i cud do to get rid/fade the dark marks on my face...currently i break out quite abit...almost everyday there a new pimple. but they clear after a day and jus another 1 regrows....i just rescently started getting cysts :(..(hurt so much.) and dont know what to do about those niether.

basically i need HELP please....this stuffs ruinin my entire life..college work and all...

heres pics:




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honestly, dont let this much acne "ruin your life" its really not that bad. what you're doing right now is good. with retin a, your face gets worse before it gets better, and it will probably sting or burn your face cus of how sensitive you are to benzoyl peroxide. if it bothers you that much and you're not scared of accutane you could take it and clear you up, but you also get an initial breakout, but it would be worth it in the long run obvisously. good luck

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