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Anyone else on a 6-month post Accutane hellride?

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for those that don't know, accutane is a pill taken for usually 5 or 6 months to eliminate acne, the only real downside (aside form the side affects) is the scarring it usually leaves behind. and you can't do anything about it, surgically at least, for at least 6 months.

i went off accutane 2 months ago, with 4 months left before anything can be done.

anyone else living these painstakingly slow days?

just curious.

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Guest sm_oore

Hang in there buddy.

3 months out of the clear for me.

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Ive been through it, worst time of my life.

Spend the time educating yourself, working out, reseaching scar treatments. Become like a buddhist monk for 6 months .

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well thanks for the support everyone.

my plan right now is just to grow my hair out (they're all on my forehead) but my hair is so afro-y that i have to wear a hat all the time just so it stays semi down.

the shitty thing is, even after 4 months, when i do get scar treatment, it might not even work, and if it does, i have to wait even more for it to take effect.

i'll keep my hopes up and my head down :P

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Hell Yes, plus I start college next month!!! I have about the same time as you, so I can get some treatments.

What are you planning to do when 4 months past?

Im planning to get soft tissue fillers for my rolling scars and microdermabrasion for my ice picks scars.

Hopefully my dermatologist isn't bsing.

Good luck man.

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i'm not sure at all what i'm going to do. but i have 4 months to research. i'm really worried about the cost because my parents are paying for it and i hate when they pay for shit, makes me feel bad i guess (even though i'm shit broke and they love helping me out with stuff like this)

anyways... good luck to you. i wish you the best.

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