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I just cant fucking take it anymore.. im 16 and ive had bad acne since I was 13 and it just wont go away. Its covering about 85% of my face. I exfoliate every night with baking soda right before i go to bed, im not seeing much of an improvement. Im about to get 4 red light treatments and if that doesnt work im going on accutane. I dont care about the side effects, i cant fucking take it anymore

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Accutane is probably the best choice for you then. It will indeed help clear up that acne and you will be thanking yourself you took it. There arent too many bad side effects, only once in a while do those bad side effects occur. I wish you the best!

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hey man calm down, dont worry about anything, itll all be ok =). first off, dont exfoliate every night..cus you could be irritating like the guy above me said. irritation and picking at your skin causes acne. when i touch my skin even a little, i get a pimple where i did a little pick here or there, so just dont touch it, no matter how hard.. drinking ACV can help A TON! like i was sketical before, but it somehow truly works. read the topic posted on here and read up on it... seriously try this before accutane..give it like two weeks, and hey, if it doesnt work, go on accutane. good luck

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