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story of my life

what my breakfast consist of, need opinions..

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i just wanted to see if what i eat for breakfast sounds fine to evryone and i need opinions please, ill appriciate any comment. neways i wake up at 4am monday-friday to go gym, i eat 1 bowl of cereal before leaving ( LACTAID milk brand->100% lactose free, purple cap) and either cherrios or kellogs(no sugar).

then when i come back i eat 2 more bowls of cereal, + banana, + 2x oranges , and either an apple or pear or watermelon. i weigh 160 & 5'9.

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i'm not so sure about the cereal (especially that much) but the fruit seems like a good idea. maybe replace the cereal with egg/egg whites or some other protein? processed food or foods containing grain can break some people out. possibly stop eating it for a week and see what happens? other than that it looks good!

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I agree. I think you could use some protein, especially if you are working out. Keep the fruit, but instead of cheerios and cornflakes you could try some oatmeal with ground flax seed and walnuts. That way you'll be getting more fiber and some omega 3's.

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I advise avoiding gluten, as well as lactose and other sugars aside from fruits and fruit juices. It's restrictive, but it could help you a lot, with dramatic results within a week if you're like me.

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