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What are your current goals

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my first and foremost goal atm is to stay with my girl, I believe she is the one. Other than that I want to have enough assets so we can live a comfortable life.

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Get together with the girl I been crazy about, I seriously need to grow some balls and talk to her.

whats the worst that can happen? You get shot down and dont have a chance with her ever? Guess what, if you dont do something, time will pass, and you wont have a chance anyway. I learned this the hard way. never told a girl i liked her for years, then i find out later she felt the same way... lots of time wasted!

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Current goals:

Have an online selling venue for my handmade goods by mid year.

Have a bountiful stock of handmade goods by mid year. :D

RIP out the old hideous carpet in the whole house.

Put down vapour barrier, underlayment, then laminate wood flooring.

Reupholster some chairs. (ie, have to learn how to button-tuft).

Paint the masterbedroom.

Hang artwork, photos, etc.

Decorate the house.

Take a bunch of stuff to the Salvation Army or other similar places (dishes, furniture, etc).

Organize the craft/study/computer room.

Build a kitchen island (rolling).

Do the kitchen countertops and backsplash with iridescent mosaic tiles, put those tiles on the kitchen island, too. :D

Stay Happy.

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I've been there man, it does help your confidence, but it will not be a sudden change. You must work on your inner strength as well, strength of character.

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Some goals from my "43 Things" & a few others:

- find a new job

- get a cool design job

- finish my website

- doubt myself less

- make really good friends

- fall madly in love

- draw more

- get the hell out of this town

- get up when my alarm goes off

- get a passport

- go on a great vacation

- live and work in another country

- start painting

- I want to live and I want to love, I want to catch something that I might be ashamed of

(from a Smiths song :D)

- travel the world

- buy a lomo camera

- be more positive

- get my mojo working like a mofo :D

- learn to surf

- be an artist

- be a smartass sassy lass

- meet new people

- speak French fluently

- have a totally different life by this time next year

- get my armoire fixed

- dye my hair back to a caramel brown, or at least a warmer shade than it is now

- get my skin as clear & smooth as possible, head to toe

- get my braces off & teeth whitened

Goals I have met this year:

- asked for and received a raise

- made a few new friends

- had some jeans tailored to fit me perfectly (sooo worth it!)

- cleaned out my closet & donated clothes & shoes in good shape to the local thrift shop

- bought an antique armoire

- replaced all my old cheap hangers with wooden or nicer plastic ones

- went to the dermatologist

- went to Coachella music festival & saw JAMC and Jarvis Cocker live

- bought an ipod

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- get As next semester

- finish my undergraduate education by June of 2010

- go to medical school and finish my residency by age 30

- have an amazing New Year's Eve and a kiss at midnight

- find a new job ASAP

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- Get rid of damn scars

- Win once and for all acne (i mean even the hyper-small-zits)

- I graduated in college. Time to get a job and be rich.

- Need a new car

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-learn how to save money/spend responsibiy (or at least not overdraft every month!)

-buy a house in the next two years

-be a better bellydancer

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