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Stubborn cyst on forehead.

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The title pretty much says it all. It's been there for three weeks and isn't responding to anything; has not changed size or color since it appeared, has not come to a head, and, curiously, doesn't even dry out like my other zits when I apply peroxide or salicylic (in fact, the damn thing shines like a stoplight 24/7). I'm so sick of the damn thing that I would even resort to popping it if it gave me half a chance, as I'm getting a little tired of never taking my hoodie down. Any practical suggestions for eliminating a troublesome cyst that doesn't respond to topicals?

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antiobiotics or Ibuprofen help.

Ice it to reduce swelling and inflammation. Some people suggest using a warm/hot compress to bring it to a head too. If its been there for three weeks though it sounds like you will need to keep handy with the BP as well. Good luck getting rid.

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Please see the link at the bottom of my signature for some techniques that may help shrink a cyst. Please don't mess with it (squeeze) particularly if it doesn't have a head. Squeezing a cyst can cause it to rupture underneath the skin, leading to possible scarring and most assuredly a longer-lasting spot and possibly larger, deeper infection.

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