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So, which one should I use?

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Ok, so I'm back here yet again trying to sort out my skin. Oh well, everyones been very helpful, even if nothing has worked yet. Hopefully, you can do the same.

Basically, I'm trying to get rid of my non-inflammatory acne (blocked pores, bumps, whiteheads, the works.) So it's all about exfoiliation. Now, I used Paula's choice 2% BHA gel for about 3 months and although it may have slightly helped, I'd used it long enough and there were no amazing results. I then went on to glycolic acid (M.D Forte I facial lotion) which certainly helps out, but have also used for about 3 months, and nothing drastic. I also use the baby brush method.

Basically I just want to know the best type of product for this. I've done loads and loads of research, but there's just so many acids out there, which is best for non-inflammatory? Lactic, Mandelic, Glycolic, Sacylic - I just dunno. Some say Glycolic is better and sacylic can be ineffective at this type of acne. Should I try another Glycolic product?

Please please help me out. Need to finish this. Thank you so much.

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sounds like you have a fairly stubborn case of this ....

since neither BHAs nor AHAs by themselves have done the trick, you might want to add in a topical retinoid. Green Cream did the trick for me; other good OTC retinoids are Avene's Diacneal (which also contains glycolic acid), the Vivant Vitamin A products (Exfol A and Exfol A Forte both contain AHAs, though I can't remember exactly which), and Jan Marini's retinol product, which I think may also contain glycolic. Sorry, I'm too lazy to go look up the ingredients on all of these right now.

Or ..... have you considered seeing a derm about a low-dose Accutane regimen? 10mg/day or even less can clear up comedonal acne quite effectively.

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I'm glad to see you back, LionQueen. I've read a lot of forums over the last month and many of your posts have been very helpful, especially regarding BHA for me. I hope you are well. Thanks.

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I have found great success with Roc and Neutrogena Retinol products. You can buy them in any drugstore. I agree that you need the exfoliation of hydroxy acids and the cell turnover function that retinoids provide. I feel they both compliment each other.

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