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POST-Accutane Thread

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Well.. I've been off Clarvis for about a week now. So far everything is good..

Age: 16

Months: 5

Dosage: 40MG the whole time

Current: Doing good, no new signs of acne

Side effects: Dry lips, tired alot?, kind of depressed?..

I also want to know how other people that are done are doing.. if you may, please list your age, dosage, and how long you've been off of it. :)

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Age: 20

Months: 6

Dosage: was on 20mg/day the first 2 months now i'm on 40mg/day

Current: Doing pretty good, face is always a little flushed, still breakout sometimes

Side effects: Dry lips, EXTREMELY excessive tiredness, sunburn very easily, lower back pain, depression??

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Age: 34

Months: 6 month course; been post tane for 3 months

Dosage: Month 1 - 30 mg Claravis; Months 2 thru 6 - 60mg Claravis & Sotret

Current: No Signs of acne, lips back to normal, dry eyes back to normal (contact wearer), oil returned to hair but not face. Self confidence at it's best since I'm clear!

Side effects: My side effects are gone but I did experience the usual dry lips, eyes, lower back ache for the first month...

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