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dermaroller 2.0mm needles, how often?

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for rolling scars and box scars, how often should i use the 2.0mm needles dermaroller?

once a week, twice a week or once a month?

does the dermaroller help with hypertrophic scars?

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Simon have you actually pucrchased a dermaroller with 2.0mm needles? or are you planning on getting it done professionally? i don't think i could bear the pain if i were to do it myself, from what i have read dermarolling and needling do help hypertrophic scars, as i also have a raised scar, and so have done quite a bit of research, and dermarolling supposedly breaks down the excess scar tissue in hypertrophics anf thick raised scars. Good Luck.

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I'm also confused. Some say you should wait 6 weeks before you get another treatment for the collagen to form, others say to do it as often as you can (once the skin heals). I would love an answer too actually!

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i have used the dermaroller 1.5mm many times and the pain is not that bad. i have a very high pain-tolerance.

i just bought a 2.0mm dermaroller and still waiting for it arrival.

i'm planning to use the dermaroller 2.0mm twice a week for optimal result.

i probably won't see any differences until 3 months from now.

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Guys do your research...collagen is in a very delicate state for about 4-6 weeks after you have needled your skin and i truely believe doing another dermaroller before this time period to be very foolish...

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i just received the 2.0mm skin roller.

however it is only 1.5mm long. the seller lied.

i compared the 1.5mm dermaroller from thailand with this 2.0mm skin roller and the needles have the same length.

i also measured it with a ruler and it's not 2.0mm.

but this skin roller is $50 cheaper than the one from thailand though.

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