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so im 21 and ive tried everything! my face is seriously breaking out and i think its the cruddy kaiser medication that made it that way...so is it food or drinks that affect the pop up of zits? or is it certain face washes, or whatever....should i go back to my doctor and yell at him, haha. well if you have any advice please let me know im extremely desperate and ive had this problem since high school and im really sick of it.


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Guest Crooked I

Have you tried the regimen? Im on it just now and it seems to be going ok. Its worked wonders for loads of people.

Food and drink have no link to acne according to the majority. I believe that milk may cause me to break out but im not sure. In any case, im not going to run the risk so i avoid it altogether. But thats just me being a scaremongerer, so eat and drink what you want basically.

By all means go to your doctor, what medications have you been on so far?

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well to start i was given kaiser acne wash, 10% bp, and then clindamycin phosphate topical solution, and then avita at night. and ive tried cetaphil and neutrogena before, but i know it wouldnt hurt trying some of the methods that are on this site....but i feel like ive been through it all...

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Guest Crooked I

Well, a lot of people who have said the regimen wasn't working found that the failure was because they werent doing it properly. I'd go to the front page, print off everything Dan says about the regimen, and follow it EXACTLY. Quite a lot of people have reported bad results even when they were doing simple things wrong. So i'd do that first.

Alternatively, you could go to your doctor. If your acne is serious you could be put on roaccutane. If its bothering you (which it seems to be) then id certainly ask him about it and stress thats its affecting your life.

Even if s/he doesnt put you on it, there are lots of other medications they can give you.

Or, take a look around the site, especially in the OTC board. There are lots of methods of acne treatment in there. Whichever you choose, good luck, and ask if you need any more help.

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