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hi all,

so i'm now into my 3rd month of Yaz, and the first two were pretty awesome, my face was clearing up nicely, my chest and back were still breaking out but in general i liked the results. now my back and chest are clear and my face is like a war zone. i thought i read somewhere on here that on Yaz you think you're skin is getting better but then bam! a whole breakout that can ruin your holiday (this ish better be gone by new years...) so my question is has anyone else had this experience? i couldn't find the post where i thought i read this. of course i'm going to keep using it bc it's the only treatment i'm on, but i was just wondering when it's going to get better. they say it's suppose to clear mild to moderate acne, well it made my moderate acne unsightly. please help, thanks <3

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Usually doctors recommend trying a particular birth control pill for a full 3 months before deciding to switch, because sometimes that's how long it takes to fully kick in. So it's possible it has finally kicked in, and is making your skin worse. You might ask your doctor if it is worth considering a switch, or if you should wait it out a little longer.

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thank you for your responses... i just started my fourth pack today... that unsightly breakout is calming down, and new years is tomorrow :) so happy new year everyone :)

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