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Does Accutane leave lighter red marks?

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Hi, well I jsut went on Accutane and I was wondering. Does Accutane leave lighter red marks when it gets rid of a pimple, or jsut an ordinary red mark like you would usually get? Because when I look at before and after pictures of accutane courses, it seems like a lot of ppls faces go from severe, to clear, with barely visible red marks. Also, does accutane do ntohing for red marks that were already there? I ask this because even if my acne goes away, my face will still be swarmed with red marks.

pls reply,


**PS - how long into the course did it take you to see noticeable results?

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isotretinoin acts like an anti-inflammatory too.

plus increase the speed of cell renovation.

this two factors could contribue to ligter red marks.

Depending how severe is your acne to you see results.

I'm on 3rd course, starting 2nd month and my skin is clear again. :D

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No it doesn't leave lighter red marks, it leaves an ordinary red mark which somehow seems to take longer to fade away. I am quite prone to red marks and I noticed that whenever a pimple leaves behind a mark, it took more then 3 months to fade away. I confirmed it with my derm and he said ya it takes longer to fade. However when I started on Retin-A, they seem to get significantly better for some reason which i don't know why when accutane is basically the same thing.

I cleared within 2 weeks of taking accutane. Back and face acne.

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