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Sgt Pepper

Please Help: blemish cover up sticks...

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i thought id use a cover up stick on some of my flat left over acne marks, can any one recommend anything (im in the UK)?

i was thinking of maybe getting;

Clearasil Instant cover stick


Boots ACT coverup stick????

i don't need to use foundation or anything drastic, just to dab a few areas..

ok thanks.

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Sgt Pepper,

You skin shouldn't be too dry though.

Ummm about cover stick....you have only 2 in mind, right. I'd pick clearsil but I don't like their color though.

Keep in mind that when you use cover up stick or concealer, you have to select the one that match your skin color.

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best to apply a bit to your face in the shop, then go outside and look at it in natural light, with a hand mirror.

thats the only way you will know it matches your skin.....i like RIMMEL hide the blemish, in ivory.

i wouldnt go near the clearasil stuff though...its ORANGE.


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peoples faces are not all the same colour, and unless those products happen to match your tone, or you want obvious patches of colour on your face i would find one that matches as exactly as possible, or it will look worse than acne.

have you tried looking at the makeup counters?

the products you mentioned are usually found under 'skincare' in Boots.

REVLON, RIMMEL, NO.7, NO.17, in Boots do decent concealers with a choice of shades.

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Sgt, if you want to use coverup stick to camouflage your scar, please remember that you have to find exact match color, otherwise everyone will notice it.

Since you are in the UK, try dermablend or exuviance. These two were created for people with medical condition that require a bit cover up (both male and female).

please read this thread. http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=18131

hope that helps

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