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Im on the DKR and it really is Genius. Dan did his research and amde an excellent discovery. I will probably be 100% clear in 1 month. But my skin is SOOOOO CRAPPY.

My face is whiter than every other part of my body. BP isnt supposed o bleach your skin...but thats exactl what its doing to me...Is anyone out there getting a white face too?

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I have to say yours is not a common complaint. Usually people experience red/pinkish skin when using topical acne medications.

What products are you using?

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OMG!! If I knew we could become white by using bp,

I would of told Micheal Jackson a long time ago...

If thats true what you r experiencing then u r one luky person..

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same experience here.

I'm Filipino. I have brown skin. Continued use of Bp for 10 months made my skin whiter thus leaving the parts where i dont put bp brown such as the circles under eyes and neck. i always look like a sick kid.

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I have not used BP or any products for years (I used to use BP and had the same experience), but what you are describing is most likely dry, dehydrated skin. Skin color tends to become lighter and whiter when you have skin dehydration. Increase your moisture levels. My simplest suggestions would be:

1) A better moisturizer or moisturizing regimen.

2) Blast a humidifier in your room when possible. Dry winter air has a tendency to leach moisture from your skin.

3) Diet. Eat more fats. Specifically, fish, nuts, olive oil, avocados. ALso, try to increase vegetable intake (especially green leafy vegetables)

4) Supplements. Omega-3 fish oil supplements can really help especially if you don't like/don't eat the above foods on a daily basis.

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