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glycolic acid?

How many of you guys use it? Does it work? Which brands do you use? How do you use it???



i actually tried glycolic acid a few years ago in just a face wash, but i found it was too harsh for my skin... i have very very sensitive skin though, and even stuff like benzoyl peroxide irritates it...

i didn't give it a good run and stopped using it pretty soon, but the science of it sounds positive...

the acid eats away at the dirt and dead skin, thus unblocking the pours... but it seems like everything these days does that...

you can also get more powerful peels too which i was gonna get latter on, but canceled...

...who knows though, it could work for you...

most cosmetic offices which sell the stuff, and do the procedures will give you a sample though, that lasts for a week or so... you should check that out for sure!

oh yeah... i think that product i used was called Glytone... i can't remember though

hmm... this probably wasn't very helpful...


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Glycolic acid is my mantra and holy grail. It has cleared my blackheads (along with the baby's hair brush.)

Check my signature for glycolic acid product recommendations. Glycolic acid is an AHA (lactic acid, etc). They work specifically by ungluing the adhesion of the stratum corneum from the underlying layers and even out the surface of the skin. I have noticed improvement in superficial scarring as well.

For me, the glycolic acid reduces the presence of clogged pores, uneven skin texture and color, and helps reduce red marks.

There are many other chemical exfoliants that are quite fine to use; you'll just need to figure out which is best for you personally.

I prefer leave-on glycolic acid products in toner strength (10%).

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Aqua Glycolic hasn't seemed to do a thing for my redmarks. Stronger concentrations inevitably have caused my skin to peel and break out, and have on two separate occasions left severe burns (picture blackish-purple ichor, crusted over inflamed, raw skin).

I'm dealing with the after-effects of YET ANOTHER glycolic peel. I used 40% instead of 50% concentration and neutralized it with baking soda just two minutes after starting the peel, but still I have a few small patches of raw skin to contend with, not to mention that I'm breaking out!

Incidentally, honey is the best remedy for glycolic burns and rashes.

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