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The color green

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I'm a graphic designer and as part of my profession you have to understand color gamut in graphic visuals, but it never ocurred to me to apply my knowledge into everyday makeup! I don't really wear makeup anyways.

In an image, in order to have good color balance you have to an even blend of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) and when I have too much red in an image, I distribute more green and/or blue to fade out the magenta. Well, I found a badly made video on Youtube where some lady is applying an unknown type of foundation I've never heard of to cover up acne redness in a blemish. Does anyone know what this is?

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I often use a green concealer when I have a good size red mark before covering with a skin tone concealer. I've used Physician's Formula green cover stick before. I did order the EM green concealer but wasn't sure how to apply in a delicate enough manner.

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It looks like the green stick she has in the video is stage makeup.

You can buy little lipstick like containers of makup like that at Halloween for clown faces, or at costume shops.

Lots of brands make green concealer for everyday use, check the drugstore/supermarket.

I have seen ones that are in little eyeliner tubes for nice precise application.

Lots of people like the Lauren Hutton face disk (I don't know if that is good for acne prone skin), and there is an interesting concealer wheel that was on a thread about concealers that had green in it - it was a canadian company, a womans name (I will try to find it).

The concealer she is using could be anything. It is in a metal tube, but that is all I can tell.

If you like mineral powders check out the link in the previous post. It may not last as well or cover as much as a creamy based concealer, but it may be better for your skin.

Good luck!

EDIT: I found the concealer the other member was talking about, it is Lise Watier, here is the link.

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Since someone mentioned the EM green concealer, just thought I'd throw this in. If you have a moisturizer that you like, just add a little bit of the green powder to it, mix well and smooth it on. I like that you can control the intensity of the greeness - not enough and you're still red, too much and you look like an alien. I've been using DDF Daily Matte all over with added green where needed. Seems to be working really well.

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I was actually watching some Eve Pearl stuff and she suggests not to use a green concealer because you can't blend it into anywhere(I guess that wouldn't matter if you are layering foundation on top). She uses a yellow instead.

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Yes! It is exactly my question! I've never heard of this contraption! Lol! Thanks for the link Isabele/vpm!. I wonder if there is such a thing as a blue tint!

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yes, I have. Sometimes I also use a yellow toned concealor and/or powder. Green is sometimes too goulish for a very fair skinned person.

experiment a little to see what works best for your skin.

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