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questions about APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.... how many of you drink it? use it topically? both?

i've been using ACV topically on my face at night, via cottonball.. the smell is quite revolting (rotten eggs come to mind), i can only imagine how nasty it must taste.

so what are some clever ways of disguising ACV to drink down easier?

anyone take ACV capsules? are they effective?

is ACV working for you?? would you recommend it? success stories?

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the first time I drank it I nearly threw up, but I've been using it now for 2 weeks and honestly it almost tastes like apple juice now.

ACV didn't do anything dramatic for my skin, but it has helped improve...I say why not?

It certainly can't hurt your skin.

Make sure to buy organic ACV tho otherwise it won't work.

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I was taking that in the spring time..taking it with vodka....lol. just kidding. I would put two tablespoons of organic acv in a glass of water and drink it, making sure to squeeze my nostrils together while sipping it (so I wouldnt be able to taste it). It does taste gross for sure. One lady at a health food store suggested drinking it with warm water and honey.

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Either dilute it in some water and drink it during the day, gives the water a zing but can be disguised by some lemons. Or you can do what I do, straight up with a water chaser. If you cram a straw down your throat and suck it back, you barely taste it... also better for the chompers.

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