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Aesthera PPX

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For all you curious folk... here is another first hand account of the Aesthera PPX therapy.

I just recieved my first treatment a little more than a week ago. Despite what ads say.. this is kinda of irritating. doesnt quite hurt, but its uncomfortable. If your skin is senstive, which it probbly is if you have acne.. make sure you start off with the lowest setting.. and bring some calming lotion to apply right after your treatment.

My experience was fine, although i think i should have started at the lowest setting. I did have an initial breakout of like 4. 1 being probably the biggest thing my face has ever seen, and doesnt seem to want to go away. Too early to say whether things are getting better, but I have another appointment in a week.

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My second treatment went alot better, I switched it back to the lowest setting and it seemed to not irritate my skin as much... no big break out. and as the dead skin flakes off i see signs of improved skin tone. Im hoping the long term effects will be worth it.

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This post is for JP. Sorry I havn't been posting, but i guess thats a good thing if im not so concerned with my face- i dont think to write. It's funny you sent me that message because I just got back from receiving my 5th treatment today. Up to now, I would say i am happy with the treatments. I have been getting a treatment about every 2/3 weeks. Its slow, but im starting to think it was worth it. first off.. my acne wasnt outrageously bad, but enough to make me self conscious about it. When i first started out i would say at any given time i would have 1-2 bad pimple, and maybe 4-5 little ones, and alot of hyperpigmentation. After the first treatment it seemd as though the treatment really irritated my face and i broke out, but this was just a purging process i guess. After the next two, things stayed about the same, maybe a little better. i really started to notice a difference after the 4th and hopefully after this treatment. i still get some pimples , but they go away alot quicker, and they are easier to manage with benzoyl peroxide or something similar. send me another message in a week or two and i will hit you with an update for after this treatment. Also, the lady that does my treatments has said its been helping with alot of other patients as well. I payed about 650 US$ for unlimited treatments in a year, but i think the doc hooked me up. Any other questions just send me another message. Good luck

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That is a great deal!

Most places are $200 per treatment.

I had a little breakout after #3, I wasn't sure if it was the treatment or something else though.

I just had #4 and so far so good.

PIH is my problem, I am having the skin rejuv type of treatment, did you have that or the acne treatment? I guess the tip they use is different, but I don't know how.

I will ask the esthetician next time.

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