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Hi everyone,

Long time acne sufferer here and im blessed to have found this site in time.

Over the past months/weeks i've been trolling these forums and trying to absorb as much of the information as possible.

Over that time i've started the DKR Regimen with Cetaphil Cleanser, Panoxyl 2.5% AquaGel (Not alcohol based so less drying), followed by Cetaphil Moisturizer exactly as shown on the website through the videos.

I am glad to say that my acne has reduced by about 80% in the past month! Nothing else has even come close. Now... the benzoyl peroxide seems to, as i expect it to, have started to form red marks where the acne used to be. SO i did some more trolling and found out that ACV (Apple Cidar Vinegar) is a great form of AHA called Malic Acid and effectively neutralises the PH of your skin while taking care of these stubborn marks. Anyways i've found a regimen over the past 1 and a half months that has really started to clear my skin to the point of perfection. At the moment i have 1 active acne and it is almost so small you can't see it :D. My regimen is as follows:

Morning: Cetaphil Cleanser, Followed by 50% Apple Cidar Vinegar // 50% Green tea dabbed on extra gently, Moisturize. Take 3000MG Fish Oil, 50MG Zinc, 2 Tablespoons ACV (Makes your skin GLOW).

Night: Cetaphil Cleanser, Followed by 50% Apple Cidar Vinegar // 50% Green tea dabbed on extra gently, Followed by Half a finger of BP (Half my face), Moisturize if needed. Also 2 Tablespoons ACV at night.

I could never get up to twice a day on the BP as my face got incredibly dry so i apply it once a day at night and it seems to have done the trick for me. Also Apple Cider Vinegar is amazing on the red marks (Post-Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation) for me.I also never eat Dairy or grains. Although i do treat myself every so often as is normal. Anyways i thought i'd introduce myself on the forums more than anything but also try to offer a manageable regimen that helped me (Cystic and Moderate Acne) FINALLY clear up my skin!

I'd like to thank Dan and all the helpful moderators, admins, and generally the community for continued contribution and help towards people like me that don't know a thing. I think, because of all of you, i have finally overcome the acne hurdle. Much love.

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