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What moisturizer do you recommend with Accutane?

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the derm office just called me. im so happy. i was supposed to get it this friday but it snowed :(. anyways.

What moisturizer do you use?

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Go with the Cetaphil Cleanser> Cetaphil moisturizer combo. It's been great for me, and I'm on day 93

i broke out with that when i was using it before Accutane. :(

got my accutane this last sunday. Im not dry yet but i can already feel it coming. bump..

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Whatever you get, dont even think about getting anything from neutrogena's Visibly Even line! The moisturizer is 90% water and 10% perfume (atleast it seems like it :S ).

and id reccomend pretty much any moisturizer from olay. I had one that was specifically for sensitive skin. Forgot its name but it was a good sized bottle for a great price. Very mild and great moisturizing!

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if you don't like that greasy feel, try ddf ultra lite moistuzing dew. it is about $36 at sephora. also, i like neutrogena for sensitive skin. oil free, fragrance fee. it is a bit more emollient. it's about $15, i think.

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I third the aveeno ultra calming SPF 15...i'm on month 4 and have to say that i've had very minimal dryness compared to what most other people get. It goes on thick, but not too greasy feeling, and i usually only apply it once in the morning and once before i go to bed. but it depends on the person adn their skin type as well, try a couple and see what works best for you!

Also, i know you said cetaphil didn't work for you when you tried it a while ago, but your skin is going to be completely different through your course. Trust me, cetaphil gentle cleanser is a savior for tane people and i reccommend it to you when the dryness starts to set in. Every other cleanser is just too harsh on the already super sensitive skin.

Good luck!

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