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"dirty skin" with lactic acid?

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The DKR pretty much killed my bacterial based acne and now I'm dealing with a million whiteheads and sebum plugs. I just started a lactic acid treatment little under 3 weeks ago. I see improvement and a lot of junk has come out of my skin however . . .

Some of these plugs leave some dark holes that take forever to close. Also it's bringing up blackheads and such in places I've never had before. My skin is certainly not worse off but, it seems that if I could scrape the first layer or two of my skin off it would look better. (I won't mind you but, that's the theory.)

I'm just wondering if anyone else has gone through the dirty skin syndrome and how long did it take to go away?


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Im happy u post this threat because i have the same problem. Ive been using the Neutrogena AHA since a week, and since I been using the DKR for like 2 months now I never have a problem with the flaking and dryness. But now since I use the AHA, Wow its peeling and exfoliating like Hell !!

I hate when I get out of the shower and I can see all those dead skin and then after I pat dry all those dead skin gets all dry up in the skin and when I look in the mirror I look kinda like super flaky and dry..

I too want to know how long does it take before the left over of the dead skin loosen up.. And I still have like 2-3 small cyst but I dont even want to put bp and AHA all over my face because Its kinda weird to rub the bp on those dead skin..


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