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reducing irritation?

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Okay, a little history before we get started.

I first started using the regimen around May of this year, and found my skin clear (apart from some leftover red marks and the odd bump) by the end of June. Then, for some reason, I stopped using it and my acne has returned.

I'm desperate to get back on it again, because it really did work wonders for my skin (and self esteem), but I get a lot of redness and some itching when I use it, and this puts me off. I work four days a week in retail, and it's bad enough facing people with acne let alone a red mask.

I'm fairly sure I'm not allergic, because I remember getting some irritation when I was on the regimen before, but I had the spare time to persist until it settled down back then.

I don't really get any burning, just some heat, so it's the redness that I'm most concerned about. Do you have any tips for lotions or moisturisers that can help it subside faster? Should I apply some moisturiser before applying the BP? Whenever I've tried using it lately it's been before bed, so should I try using it only in the mornings until my face has gotten used to it? I'm pretty sure putting the BP on and then having my face on a pillow is what's irritating it so bad, so that seems like a good idea.

Thanks for any advice you may have for me!

(also, I apologise for the rambling - I'm new :P)

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The redness and irritation does get better for most people over time, the longer you're on the Regimen.

When you begin again, start out with a small amount of bp and take your time easing into the full generous amount that Dan recommends. By the 4th week you can move to the full amount. I wouldn't apply moisturizer first, just take your time with it this time. You can try one of the redness reducing moisturizers if you want to. I haven't any experience but many people seem to like Aveeno Ultra Calming lotion.

You might also consider a bit of jojoba oil. It should help with the dryness, but I don't know if it will help with redness.Also, which brands did you use last time?

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Also, which brands did you use last time?

I used Cetaphil gentle cleanser, a 2.5% BP gel, and mainly Cetaphil dry/sensitive skin moisturiser. I say "mainly" because I didn't always use it. I had a horrible experience with it once (I applied it after BP just like the Regimen says, and suffered excruciating burning and redness until I re-washed my face. I didn't find much flaking when I used the BP (my skin's naturally oily and the cleanser didn't affect that so my skin was already pretty well set, I think) so more often than not I went without moisturiser. Though a lot of the time I used Sorbolene cream when I had no other options. That was a little soothing, if I remember correctly.

Thanks for the advice - I know that it takes time for the redness to go away, I mainly just want to know if there are any ways to help reduce the severity of it in the meantime. That's all that really bothers me - I'm happy for the acne itself to take as much time as it needs, just as long as I don't look like a patchy tomato in the process! :pray:

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My derm told me to apply the moisturizer first. He said that when you do that it helps lessen the negative effects of the BP. But I guess it could also lessen the positive effects, im not sure. Ive been doing it for awhile like that now and I love it. Sometimes when you put BP on your face it like hardens so to say, I know dans doesnt do that as much, but Nuetrogena does a lot, and then it gets white and flaky. Well if you put moisturizer on first this doesnt happen. My skin feels so much more comfortable that way and my acne is clearing up just the same. You could try that if you wanted.

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