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I'm going on Accutane starting in January. I just had a few questions. :]]

1) Is it ok to exfoliate to get rid of the dry skin? Would this help at all?

2) If I remember right, my derm recommended cetaphil for moisturizer. Do you guys have another other suggestions?

3) Okay, I'm a bit confused about the iPledge...I'm not going on birth control because I'm not sexually active. I understand I have to take a quiz online before I get my subscription. Do I have to do the test this month even though I'm not getting a prescription?

4) My acne is very very mild to begin with...I've been on doxycycline for a year and it helped but didn't clear it up so I wanted Accutane...will my acne get really bad once I start even though it was mild to begin with?

5) Was it hard for anyone to get Accutane from their derms? I was a little worried because my acne isn't bad at all...but it took me all of 5 seconds to convince mine...he asked what I was there for and I said I wanted Accutane and then he was just like okay! and started going through rules, symptoms, and asking me questions about medicines I had been on.

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1) Don't exfoliate! You'll just aggravate the skin. Use a gentle cleanser and an effective moisturizer instead to deal with dry skin.

2) I have some recommendations if you read some of my recent posts, but they are all old school :D There are numerous recent topics on the subject on this forum, I'm sure you will find a good one.

3) I went the same route as you. But yes, you still have to take the test every month to prove you are not pregnant. For me the subsequent tests were done on the blood sample they were collecting, anyway, so other than a slightly higher bill to my insurance company, this wasn't noticeable at all.

4) My acne wasn't too bad to begin with, either. Yes, I did get gross in the first couple months. If your derm offers you something to start with at the same time as 'tane, you could consider taking it. Mine offered me anti-biotics because I had used them in the past and they worked, just to suppress that initial break-out when Accutane starts working. I turned it down, though, because I didn't want to reduce the effectiveness of anti-biotics in the future. But reading other posts on this forum, people are getting offered other treatments at the beginning of their course, I wish I was offered something like that, I would have taken it. However, everyone is different. I read posts here where people did not get that initial breakout at all!

5) It was not too hard for me, either. I was prepared to tell them how I had tried different options and it didn't work. But although they took my history, they really didn't need convincing. My derm did mention that treatments usually worked more effectively on cystic acne and other more severe kinds, and he could not guarantee that it would be successful in my case. But I was interested in the treatment and so everyone moved forward. They were really supportive throughout the course. I really like them! :D

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Hi there -

Congrats, you will love Accutane!! You will get super smooth skin in a short time..... The first month or two can be a little tough, the more acne you have, the more Accutane will work to push what's stored down below your skin. Blackheads and clogged pores will look worse, then all will clear.... It's really amazing. Just don't pick and let Accutane do it's job.

To answer your questions:

1) My Derm. said I could occassionally exfoliate but DO NOT use acids to do so. No salicylic, glycolic or retinols, etc..... She said I could use either a lukewarm soft wash cloth to help remove the "flakies" or Pond's makes a very gentle cleanser called "Daily Gentle cleanser". It has a few tiny beads in it, which gently help smooth your skin. It's very hydrating and perfect for the drier skin Accutane brings along. It's non-acnegenic and VERY gentle. I used it 2-4 times a week in the first couple months on Accutane. I haven't had the need to use it the past few months, since I don't have flakies anymore.... Ask your Derm. too for suggestions.

2) My Derm. doesn't recommend Cetaphil much. It's not really soothing - doesn't have antioxidants in it. My Derm. recommended MD Forte Hydrating Cream which has green tea, licorice, bisobolol, allantoin, superoxide dismutase. It really soothes fragile skin and also is non-acnegenic. The cleanser I use is SkinMedica. Both hydrate but don't plug pores. I've read Eucerin Redness relief products are good (drug stores). Kinerase Cream is great too - if you have. I used that sometimes in the start of Tane.

Just to give you some scoop about me. My acne was mild and pretty much I started seeing results from the start. I did get a few breakouts when starting, but then all started to smooth out bit by bit. Blackheads (my nose) got a little darker month one and cleared out month two. I have been on low-dose (20mg mostly and then 30mg the past two months). I finish this month - yeah! My skin is super clear and soft. Love it. Hope it lasts.

PS. Ask your Derm. about taking vitamins (non-vitamin A). Tane messes with your bones a bit and my Derm. said calcium for bones, biotin and vitamin E for hair, and pro-biotic were good ones to take.

Cheers and good luck.


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Forgot to answer #4 -

If your acne is mild, then most likely no, your IB should be very mild. I asked my Derm. to explain what to expect. She said the milder the acne and the lesser starting dose of Accutane (under 40mg) the lesser the IB. More moderate-severe acne folks can expect more purging. Watch your dose and make sure you don't go above 1mg per KG of weight. Too high of Accutane for your skin-type (if sensitive or have thin skin) can make your skin really red and can cause Rosacea. High doses of Accutane (at or above 1mg per KG of weight) are for moderate-severe acne cases....

PS. A few last tips. Accutane dries EVERYTHING out. What's dry lube it. Also, wash your hair less and baby it. Get good condtioners and masks. As you get a few months into Tane is when you start seeing your body, hair, scalp, etc.... dry up.....

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I don't know... my IB was nasty. It's like rather than three or four zits popping up in a section of my face at a time, everything just got pushed to the surface all at once! It was truly gross. But that was just my own experience.

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